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  • ‘Leap of Faith’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

    ‘Leap of Faith’ ~ CFDb Movie Review   Leap of Faith   Fake faith healer Jonas Nightingale is stranded in a small town where he finds he can’t fool all of the people all of the time.       I watched this film before I was a Christian and it impacted my life.  I wanted to rewatch it even though in the first few minutes I really wanted to turn it off because of the language. Although it doesn’t fit the criteria for being on CFDb, I found myself sucked into the film itself and chose to watch...

  • Christian Movies Being Released Today

    Christian Movies Being Released Today 3 Movies Released Today   The Gabby Douglas Story Black Nativity Acts of God Have you seen these yet?  We would love to know your thoughts about them! Just released today 4/15/2014.   We’ve only seen The Gabby Douglas Story and absolutely loved it, highly inspirational. If you have some great Christian Film Content for the CFDb blog, contact us.   Annelie’s Christian Film World Blog

  • ‘Shout for Joy’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation

    ‘Shout for Joy’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Recommendation   Shout for Joy SHOUT FOR JOY is the dramatic true story of Rick Irons and his pursuit of a relationship, championship, and real direction in life. Rick Irons (Robert Pierce) moves to Hawaii to live in paradise and surf the gigantic waves. When he first arrives, he meets a Christian man (Michael Cummings) who offers him a job working on surfboards. Later at a party, Rick meets Alma (Maureen McCormick) who quickly becomes a love interest. Finally, he begins to train for the United States surfing title. As Rick’s...

  • Involved in the Christian Film Industry…Add your CFDb Profile Today

    Involved in the Christian Film Industry… Add your CFDb Profile Today Looking for You… If you are in the Christian Film Industry, create a CFDb Profile today.  This is a great way to get your name out there to more Christian Film Producers. Don’t miss our Helpful Websites page, which includes acting, filmmaking, scriptwriting resources and more.  We are here to help you!   Searching If you are looking for someone in your state that is in the Christian Film Industry, search here.  We have the profiles listed by State and Country. There are still several states that we...

  • ‘Heaven is for Real’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

    ‘Heaven is for Real’ ~ CFDb Movie Review   Heaven is for Real Heaven Is for Real is the true story of the four-year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who during emergency surgery slips from consciousness and enters heaven. He survives and begins talking about being able to look down and see the doctor operating and his dad praying in the waiting room. The family didn’t know what to believe but soon the evidence was clear. Colton said he met his miscarried sister, whom no one had told him about, and his great grandfather who died...

  • ‘The Perfect Wave’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

    ‘The Perfect Wave’ ~ CFDb Movie Review   The Perfect Wave Based on a true story, The Perfect Wave, is a family oriented, coming of age movie, set against thrilling backgrounds of the international twenty-something world of tropical and exotic surfing in New Zealand, Bali, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the Island of Mauritius. Ian McCormack leads a mundane life in Christchurch New Zealand. He is a twenty-four year-old latent teenager who sets off in search of the perfect wave. He drags his closest surfing buddy along with him, tempting fate and the call for a wild adventure. His...

  • Holy Land Christian Media Ministry Seeks Producer/Media Minister

    Holy Land Christian Media Ministry Seeks Producer/Media Minister   Holy Land Missions to Initiate Arab Christian Outreach to the West   Arab Christian outreach ministry in the Holy Land seeks Producer/ Media Minister  for 18-24 month start-up of TV/ Internet/ social media project produced from Bethlehem aimed at reaching English-speaking Muslims in the west with the message of Jesus Christ while emboldening the faith of western Christians to witness the love of Christ to Muslim-background neighbors. Seek gifted TV/ media professional with passion for Jesus and for Arab peoples; 7 yrs+ in TV/ video field production with proven ability...

  • Why Auditioning is Like Making a Deposit at the Bank

    Why Auditioning is Like Making a Deposit at the Bank Why Auditioning is Like Making a Deposit at the Bank (Vlog) By Aaron Marcus  A few Abbie Cobb Auditioning Tips Gleaned last year from the AMTC Shine Event! For all the tips, purchase her book: “Stuck on a Ferris Wheel: An Actor’s Guide to Enjoying the Ride While Keeping Your Feet on the Ground.” Just wanted to share a funny story here – I first met Aaron Marcus at the same time I met Abbie Cobb, because Aaron was closing down his table at the AMTC event, while Abbie...

  • Michigan Casting Call ~ Rather to be Chosen

    Michigan Casting Call ~ Rather to be Chosen Casting Call Crystal Creek Media is holding a casting call for their new film, ‘Rather to be Chosen‘ in Greater Detroit, Michigan Non-Union Volunteer Roles Auditions by Video Submission before April 20, 2014 Film Shooting Dates will be May 26-June 21, 2014 Casting Category – Feature Film – Non-SAG   Log Line: Will a man accuse the woman he loves, in order to save his company and family fortune? Principle photography for Rather to be Chosen is set for this spring/summer 2014. Daniel Knudsen (Creed of Gold, A Horse Called Bear)...

  • ‘Cripta’ ~ CFDb Movie Review

    ‘Cripta’ ~ CFDb Movie Review     Cripta A video-game approach with an online puzzle that six different teenagers try to solve when their professor disappears.  The teen’s professor is replaced by a man with a split personality, who gives all these tests that must be answered correctly to save the professor.     This is the 2nd film I’ve seen of Marco’s and I love his style of filmmaking. I can’t quite explain why, but I’m always on the edge of my seat and I don’t want to pause the film, and I’m watching in Italian, with English...

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