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Production Companies

CFDb's list of Christian Production Companies

This is a list of Christian Film Production Companies!

Disclaimer: CFDb does our best to research all companies listed below, but asks that you do research yourself before entering into any business agreements. CFDb does not necessarily endorse any of the film production companies listed below.

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168 Film Project (California)
2100 Productions (IVCF) (Wisconsin)
36 Parables (California)
8X – Gener8xion Entertainment, Inc. (California)
9 x 18 Productions (Illinois)


Advent Film Group (Virginia)
Agape:Live! (UK)
Alexander Films LLC (Virginia)
All Day Matinee Films (Arizona)
Alpha Omega Productions (Ohio)
Argentum Entertainment (California)
Ark Productions (Chicago, IL)
Awaken Films (California)


Beamer Films (Tennessee)
Belief Pictures, Inc. (Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada)
Big Gun Productions (Iowa)
Big Idea (Tennessee)
Big Picture Media Group (North Carolina)
Birchwood Pictures, LLC (California)
Blacksmith Productions, Inc. (Minnesota)
Block One Studios (South Carolina)
Brand New Day Productions ()


Caritas in Veritate (Wisconsin)
Cast Light Productions (Alabama)
CFTIA – Christian Films & Television International Association (India)
Check the Gate Productions (Louisiana)
Christian Cinema Productions (Arkansas)
Christian Film Maker (Ohio)
Christianfish Video Studios
Christiano Film Group (California)
Chronicle Project (California & Texas)
Cinema Verità (Italy)
Circle M City (North Carolina)
City on a Hill Productions (Kentucky)
Clear Entertainment (Canada)
ClockWorkCinema (Idaho)
Cloud Ten Pictures (Canada)
Cold Weather Films, Inc. (New York)
Compass Cinema (Tennessee)
Convolo Productions (California)
Cooke Pictures (California)
Coram Deo Studios (California)
Covenant Productions (Indiana)
Creation Six Productions (Texas)
Creative Youth Resources (California)
Cross Shadow Productions (North Carolina)
Crossing River Entertainment (Michigan)


Dallas Christian Filmmakers (Texas)
Davidian Films (North Carolina)
Dark 8 Productions (Knoxville, Tennessee)
Daws Brothers (Georgia)
Desert Wind Faith Films (1-844-324-8433)
DDXmedia Films (Tennessee)
DGW Media Productions (Texas)
Double-Edged Entertainment (Pennsylvania)
Downes Brothers Entertainment (California)
DreamVision (France)
DWard Media (Missouri)


EchoLight Studios (Texas)
Eden Communications (Arizona)
Ehrenkrook Entertainment (Ohio)
Either/Or Films (New Hampshire)
Elevating Entertainment (Tennessee)
Emeth Film Productions (New York)
Epiphany Studio Productions (Minnesota)
Erwin Brothers Motion Pictures (Alabama)
Eternal Grace (California)
Extreme Christian Entertainment
Every Tribe Entertainment (California)
EyeLight Media (Florida)


Faith Films (California)
Faith House Pictures ()
Film DaVinci (California)
Film-It Productions (Colorado)
FilmSmith Productions (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Filmweavers (Illinois)
Final Act Drama Productions (Virginia)
Five Talent Films Inc. (Arizona)
Floodgate Productions (California)
FortyOneTwenty (California)
Foundery Pictures (North Carolina)
Fox Faith (California)
Franklin Films (Tennessee)
Freedom Films Productions (Thailand)


Gamma Pictures (Georgia)
GemStone Media (Germany)
GIG Creation Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Global Creative Studios (South Africa)
Global Short Film Network (Florida)
Glow Box Media (California)
The God of Moses Entertainment, Inc. (Florida)
GodZone Ministry, Inc. (Texas)
Good News Productions International (Missouri)
Gordon Pictures Christian Movie Ministry (Texas)
Greenstorm Film (Idaho)
Green Tricycle Studios (Georgia)
Grizzly Adams Productions, Inc. (Oregon)
Grooters Productions (Michigan)
Gabrielle Evans Fields Casting (Burbank, California)


Hagiazo Films (Alberta, Canada)
Harvest Media Ministry (Arizona)
Heavenly Films LLC (Delaware)
HeuMoore Productions (Texas)
Higher Ground Films (Georgia)
Highway Video (California)
Holy Hill Films (Georgia)
Home Theater Films ()
Hope Animation (United Kingdom)


Igniter Media Group (Texas)
Illustra Media (California)
In Jesus’ Name Productions (District of Columbia)
Inspirata Films (North Carolina)
Inter Comm (Indiana)


Jaffa Entertainment (London, England)
Jenkins Entertainment
Jeremiah Films (Florida)
JerFilm Productions (North Carolina)
Jetrefilm Entertainment (Texas)
Journey Films (Virginia)
Justice Pictures (Washington)


Kalon Media
Kingdom Media Group (Texas)
Kingdom Pictures (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Kingstone Media Group (Florida)
Kuiper Media (California)


Lagniappe Motion Pictures (North Carolina)
Level Path Productions (North Carolina)
LifeLine Studios (Texas)
Light A Candle Films (California)
Lighting Dark LLC (California)
Lightning Bug Flix (Wisconsin)
Lions Crest Group (Colorado)
Lucky Day Studios (Kentucky)


Magnum Digital Cinema (Illinois)
Main Street Productions
Malachi Christian Film Producers (Texas)
Mars Hill Production (Texas)
Messenger Films (Maryland)
Mighty Motion Pictures (Canada)
Missing Peace Productions (Maryland)
Miracle Films
MiraCole Media LLC (Virginia)
Moonlight Media (Virginia)
Mouthwatering Productions (Australia)


Namesake Entertainment (Kentucky)
New Parable Films (Ohio)
NEST Family
Night Sky Music & Sound Design (Colorado)


Opening Act Productions (Virginia)
Organic Videos (Georgia)


p16:9 Inspirational Films (Florida)
P23 Entertainment, Inc. (Ontario, Canada)
Paladin Pictures (Virginia)
Parables of Life Films (Kentucky)
Paulist Productions (California)
Perception Films
Pointy Stick Productions (Georgia)
PorchLight Entertainment (California)
Power in Faith (California)
PTL Productions (Florida)
Praise Pictures (New York)
Princebury Productions & Media (California)
Prolifik Films (Illinois/Oklahoma)
Providential Pictures, Inc. (Ontario, Canada)
Pure Flix: The Biggest Christian Production Company in the World!



Radiant First Productions  (California, L.A.)
Raise The Bar Productions (North Carolina)
Real Media (Kansas)
Red Button Studios (Texas)
Red Field Media (California)
Reel Productions (Colorado)
Reelcast Productions (Oklahoma)
Resurrection Pictures (California)
Revolve Productions (California)
Rhapsodize Creative Studios (Colorado)
Rhett & Link (North Carolina)
Righteous Insanity Films (Indiana)
Russ Doughten Films (Iowa)
Reload Now


Salty Earth Pictures (Wisconsin)
Seabourne Pictures (Tennessee)
Serendipitous Films (Texas)
Sharing God Kid Style (California)
Sherwood Pictures (Georgia)
Shiloh Studio (Illinois)
Sideshow Media Group (California)
Silver Dove Films (Los Angeles, California)
SilverLeaf Entertainment (Tennessee)
Smart Dog Films LLS (California)
Sonlight Pictures (Florida)
Spot On Media (California)
Starlight Productions (Florida)
StarMaxx Media (Georgia)
Steelehouse Productions (Oklahoma)
Stembridge Mill (Illinois)
Studio C Pictures (Florida)
Street Life Worldwide Evangelistic Association (Texas)
Sword of the Spirit Publishing (Tennessee)


Testimony Pictures
Thomas Winter Cooke Productions (California)
Three Nails and a Crown Entertainment (Washington)
Top Secret Productions (Texas)
Traveler Films (Kentucky)
Trost Moving Pictures (Oklahoma)
Tzon Films
Theocentric Productions




The Veracity Project (California)
ViaCross Pictures (Tennessee)
ViaMedia (Texas)
Visionary Pictures, LLC


Wanderlust Productions (Illinois)
Western Harvest Media (Texas)
Window in Time Productions (California)
Wired4Film (North Carolina)
The Work of the People (Texas)
World Wide Pictures (North Carolina)
WorshipFilms (North Carolina)
WorshipHouse Media (Texas)





Gabrielle Evans Fields Casting (Burbank, California)

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