Ace Wonder: Message From a Dead Man

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CFDb Review:

A delightfully unique kids films with a great message.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Ace Wonder: Message From a Dead Man

Film Description:

“A typical day in Willow, pouring rain. It always rains in times like this. A man told me that heaven was crying that day. Maybe so. But heaven’s tears were cold. So many stories begin with a dead man, it’s become a cliche. A dark alley, a smoking gun, and a thousand lingering memories remain to haunt us. But this time, there was no smoking gun, no dark alley, only those unanswered questions. It might have frightened the average kid, but not me. I live for this sort of thing. My name’s Ace Wonder, P.I., and I’m about to take on my first real case.”

Ace Wonder is a boy detective, struggling to find a storyline for his latest novel. When his path tangles with Derek Morton, a simple family mystery becomes a very real case of corporate espionage, scientific discovery, and one coldblooded killer.”

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Topic: Mystery

Ace Wonder: Message From a Dead Man

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Film Cast

  • Robert Grossman ~~~ Logan
  • Garrett Schenck ~~~ Marcus DeWhitt
  • Chad Gundersen ~~~ Bum
  • John Robert Moore ~~~ John Moore
  • David Temple ~~~ Sheriff Billings
  • Gator Moore ~~~ Gator Moore
  • Jeff Moreland ~~~ Jim Morton
  • Robert Grossman ~~~ Logan
  • David Moore ~~~ David Moore
  • Jeff Moore ~~~ Jeff Moore
  • Reagen Moore ~~~ Reagen Moore
  • Jason James ~~~ Deputy Karr
  • Audrey Moreland ~~~ Audrey Morton
  • Celeste MacRae ~~~ Michelle Billings
  • Mary Moreland ~~~ Mary Morton
  • Derek Moreland ~~~ Dereck Morton
  • Andrea Moore ~~~ Andrea Moore
  • Jack Moore ~~~ Jack Moore
  • Mathew Klarich ~~~ Bobby John

Film Company Contact Details

Company: HeuMoore Productions Representative:
Phone: 972-942-3707 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

Ace Wonder: Message From a Dead Man, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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