Angel Stories

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Film Synopsis:

Ancient texts describe supernatural beings as Messengers, Guardians, or Warriors. Most modern English translations use the term “Angels.” Do Angels really exist? What is their purpose? Do they interact with us? And, what about fallen angels?

In the ground-breaking feature-length documentary experts, teachers, and scholars present the case for the existence of Angels, explore their purpose, and share personal stories of interactions with Angels and Demons.

Interviews feature Joshua Mills, Patricia King, Randy Clark, Shawn Bolz, John Paul Jackson, Annie Byrne, Cindy McGill, Elizabeth A. Nixon, Dr. Michael Maiden, Dennis Reanier, Georgian Banov, James Goll, Jamie Galloway, Randy DeMain, Jeannine Rodriguez, Jill Austin, Julie Meyer, Katie Souza, Ryan Wyatt, and more.

angel stories

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  1. Ruth Jackel says
    18 June 14, 1:31am

    Hi Jonathan from Aussieland!
    Don’t know if you will even remember me but I used to be a Christensen before marriage.
    Your dad used to fly Outback Patrol Teams to our home in Andamooka and we would put on shows at the school and local churches. I guess I had more to do with Danny(Mill Valley Ranch, etc) than you, but your dad and mum have always kept us up to date with what everyone is doing.
    I’m writing on behalf of a young lady at our church who has started a home-based voice over business. Her name is Jesse, is married(no kids yet), and she is keen to try getting her name out there, especially in the Christian media industry.
    Jesse is easy to work with and a fresh face, willing to learn, but has a quiet confidence.
    Her website is in case you want to check out what she can do, or anyone else you know is interested in contacting her.Thanks again for all the wonderful films you put out…we look forward to them!
    In Christ,

  2. Annelie says
    18 June 14, 5:04am

    Have her fill out one of these forms so we can make a profile page for her too:


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