Beyond the Heavens

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CFDb Review:

This was a unique film.  Great pictures, especially in the beginning.  One thing I liked was that we are always looking for the problem, expecting a boulder, but it’s always the pebble.  Very thought provoking.

Beyond the Heavens

Film Description:

Beyond the Heavens’ Writer/Director Corbin Bernsen (25 Hill, Rust) and Nathan Gamble (25 Hill, Dolphin Tale, The Dark Knight) star in the powerful story about a boy whose search for answers leads him to faith.

Oliver is a bright 12-year-old who lives in the shadow of his parents’ loss of their first son. His family appears fine on the outside, but is broken behind closed doors. As they work out their faith, Oliver is left to grapple with his own belief in God and the answers to life’s biggest questions: Why am I here? What happens after death? Who made us? An angel disguised as a quirky traveler is sent to help him bring the pieces of the puzzle together. As Oliver’s struggles cause him to mistakenly look to science for answers, he discovers God is found by faith not by sight.

Release Date: (DVD) October 1, 2013

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screenshot beyond the heavens

  • Corbin Bernsen … Oliver Henry
  • Nathan Gamble … Gus Henry
  • Bruce Davison … Oliver Henry (adult)
  • Lloyd Warner … Barlowe Mann
Company: Echolight Studios
Contact Person: Denver Smith
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Beyond the Heavens, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. Bill Hammell says
    11 December 12, 11:10am

    The title was changed from “Barlowe Mann”.

  2. Daniel mohr says
    06 March 13, 8:13am

    When is the premier

  3. Annelie says
    06 March 13, 11:42am

    May 7th should be the DVD release date.


  4. John says
    15 May 13, 7:21pm

    This dvd is not listed on, but Amazon has it for pre-order with a Nov. 5 release date.

  5. Annelie says
    16 May 13, 10:43am

    Thanks John for that update – we just updated the page. We really appreciate that!


  6. 13 October 13, 6:20pm

    My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing “Beyond the Heavens” this weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed this film. We became fans of Lloyd Warner in Corbin’s film “Rust” and love that he is featuring him again in this film. We became fans of Nathan Gamble in Corbin’s film “25 Hill” and we look forward to seeing them both in future films. Of course we are big fans of Corbin Bernsen and everything he does. Bedias, Texas, Christian Film Festival.

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