Christmas Ride

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Film Synopsis:

Christmas Ride – After receiving a frightening supernatural warning, a woman with her two children and a mysterious neighbor haunted by ghosts from his past, drive toward their destinations during an urgent road trip near Christmastime, 1991. They confront dangerous challenges, share past tragedies and test the limits of forgiveness when a shattering truth ultimately emerges in this redemptive family drama.


After learning of her widowed mother Betty’s imminent wedding  plans, Keri, a divorced artist, decides to attempt the arduous drive South at Christmastime,  bringing  her two children, April and Josh, along.  Her neighbor, Kevin, agrees to help her drive.   Keri hears a dreadful warning from an inexplicable voice which disturbs her typically tranquil temperament just before the ride begins.

During the drive Kevin tells of the traumatic loss of a close Army buddy.  Keri speaks of her teenaged brother’s death in a horrible car accident.  Kevin reveals he has a daughter living in Georgia.   Eventually Keri and Kevin argue over who is to be driving.   Realizing how little she actually knows about the man she is traveling with, Keri becomes extremely suspicious of Kevin.

The drive is punctuated with trying, humorous situations, involving the Highway Patrol, life-threatening difficulties on the road, and joys of the Christmas season.  Despite a growing appreciation between Keri and Kevin, when they arrive at Betty’s, Kevin learns something new and departs abruptly.  He sends Keri a devastating explanatory letter the next day.

Later, during evening prayers with her daughter, Keri realizes her inability to forgive Kevin conflicts with her religious beliefs.  Keri goes to her mother with questions about forgiveness and they turn to Scripture for answers. Kevin is joyfully reunited with his daughter, Nicole.  Next Keri’s cousin, Roger, introduces Keri to a friend, Richard.  Fast forward twenty years later, Keri and Richard are happily married and receive a surprise conciliatory gift from Kevin during a family Christmas celebration.

Fun and games take the back seat in this suspenseful, moving family drama.  God’s hand is on the throttle, driving the main characters with measures of misery and mercy toward a deeper understanding of forgiveness and love.

Release Date: (Theatrical) TBA!

Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) TBA!

Any theater interested in booking this film, contact Karen at Art Promotions,  or call 901 289-4939.

A screener can be made available to you for a preview online.

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Company: Art Promotions
Contact Person: Karen Francis
Phone: (901) 289-4939
Email: Email Contact
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  1. annie byrd says
    11 December 12, 11:56pm

    Hi Francis,

    Paul Byrd plays Jesse in this movie and we as a family are super excited for this movie and I looked it up here online and saw it’s coming out on December 14….. is that still the case ?

    Please let us know !!!
    Thanks and God Bless !!!!

    Annie Byrd

  2. Annelie says
    14 December 12, 11:28am

    It Looks like there is delay in the release. We’ll update the page when we have more details.


  3. 18 November 13, 2:00pm

    Hi, We had a Memphis Premiere Screening Oct. 29, 2013. This film is available for theatrical bookings. We have a Blu Ray DVD with two channel stereo ready for projection systems now. We can prepare the DCP version on a couple of weeks notice, if a theater requires it. Any theater interested in booking this film, can contact me at Art Promotions, or by calling 901 289-4939, and I can make a screener available to you for a preview online.

  4. 15 November 14, 1:55pm

    CHRISTMAS RIDE had a qualifying theatrical run in Los Angeles County at a commercial cinema, the Laemmle’s Music Hall Theatre on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills, California with four screenings a day during September, 2014.

    We converted an improved master of the film into DCP, a digital cinematic print. It displayed well in the Music Hall on screens of three sizes. Christi projectors were used there.

    Art Promotions is looking for some additional theater owners, who appreciate the opportunity which exists, to book this film’s digital version for the holiday season. Anyone interested can write or call 901 289-4939. No TV, VOD, PPV, or Cable showings have been booked yet, though some discussions are underway. Also, the DVD has not been released. November 15, 2014

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