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Film Synopsis:

When Duke Evans, out of work NSA analyst, is evicted from his home he moves his family to his grandfather’s old cabin. However here they are also threatened when a hellish cyber-attack is unleashed on the US rendering anything with a computer chip useless. He must now keep his family alive, fight off would be thieves and a newly corrupted government and ultimately make the hardest decision of his life – to survive.

When out-of-work engineer Duke Evans and his family try to rebuild their lives in a remote mountain town, their own version of the American Dream is cut short on the day a devastating cyberattack destroys the U.S. as we know it. Every microchip ‘Made in China’ has been infected with a virus that rapidly shuts down all modern technology. The aftermath happens fast, and as the rule of law, water, and food run out, Duke and his family must use all their wits and the unlikely help of Alonso, an illegal immigrant, to survive this frighteningly realistic scenario.

Release Date: (Select Theaters) November 1, 2013

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

(Strong Parental Warning! Strong Language!)

(This is not really a Christian Film, but a message about our Growing Debt)



  • Ethan Flower … Duke Evans
  • Asa Wallander … Leslie Evans
  • Jenn Gotzon … Rachel Evans
  • Eloy Méndez … Alonso Benavidez
  • Hope Laubach … Emma Evans
  • William Knight … Albert Grimes
  • Dennis Delsing … Sheriff Watson
  • Richard C. Jones … Officer Hopkins
  • Scoot McNairy … Phil
  • Kaiwi Lyman … Tibbit
  • William Ngo … Chinese Officer (as William Wu)
  • Cuyle Carvin … Lt. Arnold
  • Gary Teague … Rioter / Protester
  • Paul Gregory … President
  • Jeffrey Travis … Man at ATM
  • Circus-Szalewski … Gang Member (as Andy Nuther)
  • Carrie Lazar … Depression Woman
  • Danielle Bessler … Girl
  • Angela Francis … Alonso’s Wife
  • Sam Dobbins … Gang Leader
  • Mark Black … Military Guard
  • Jennifer Autry … News Anchor
  • Todd Bouldin … Gang Member
  • James A.E. Fuentez … Survivor In Dumpster
  • Kristofer Gordon … Soldier
  • Luis Carranza … Luis
  • Susanne L. Bonner … President’s Assistant
  • Aidan Travis … Boy
  • Ed Gatica … Gas Station Attendant / Gang Member
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  1. Gail says
    05 July 13, 11:49am

    Is this DVD available for purchase or not?

  2. Annelie says
    05 July 13, 11:51am

    Sorry, it’s not out just yet – we don’t have a release date either


  3. Bill Hammell says
    04 November 13, 12:21pm

    Very good, gripping movie, but contained no faith element. Contains naughty words.

  4. Bill Hammell says
    04 November 13, 12:22pm

    It really shouldn’t be included on here. I’ve no idea about any of the creators of the film being Christians, though it’s certainly possible.

  5. Annelie says
    04 November 13, 2:09pm

    Bummer – We appreciate that – we just put a parental warning on this one.

  6. CFDb says
    06 November 13, 5:44pm

    This film had a different take on things then I have seen in a film before, My favorite part was the ending, I did not figure it out and I can normally guess on films like this, how it will end. Loved the ending but the rest of the film not as much. I agree with the film, that we will never be able to pay off our debt, but I thought the language was not necessary, it was not needed for the story, there could have been a little, but there was way too much and could have been replaced most of the time, with a better choice of words.

    I did like many of the ideas of the film and it had good acting. I did have a problem with all of the Spanish not having subtitles, a few words is ok, but for this much, there has to be subtitles. I watched a early edition of the film, so they might be added later, if so, I will take this off of my review.

    The Brightest part of the film for me, without giving anything away, was the showing of one family pushing away a person only to find that he was willing to bringing them into his life anyway, because of his faith.

  7. god_chaser says
    14 November 13, 3:33am

    This IS NOT A CHRISTIAN FILM and shouldn’t be here or has the site owner traded their desire for Advertising dollars for their integrity or the integrity of this site. There are plenty of main stream secular places movies like this are advertised why here? I rely on this site for “Christian Films” lately I have felt betrayed and misled by the growing number of NON CHRISTIAN/SECULAR films i find here. Once against corporate greed wins out over public needs.

    When do christians stop being christians? when they, like this site become nothing but a mirror of the world!

  8. Annelie says
    14 November 13, 8:48am

    There is a NOTE on this film page that this is not a Christian film and a parental warning due to language.

    We do explain in our criteria and other places that we list films that are marketed to Christians, or are Christian films, or sometimes even a call to action for the church. You have to read the warnings on the page underneath the synopsis. There was even a comment made by Roger who watched the film because we thought it might be Christian.

    Please note – these pages are free and the database is a ministry that takes us working a 2nd job to support. We would love to eventually be able to do this full time but that is not possible at this time.


  9. god_chaser says
    14 November 13, 10:28pm

    Annelie I’m sorry but your comments don’t even begin to address the concerns I expressed in fact, you almost seem to not so cleverly avoid dealing with them at all. Ministry or not doesnt justify advertsing NON CHRISTIAN/SECULAR films on a site that specifically sets itself apart by identifying itself as CFDb Christian Film Database.

    I would think as a Christian {supposedly} you’d be concerned about your appearance and credibility as a Christiaorgottenn film source or have you forgotten verses like Matthew 6:24 or Galatians 5:17. Like I said it seems to me that like most modern churches your “Ministry” is nothing more than a platform for hope in secular recognition praise and success. Have a read of Romans 8:7 where we are told that the mind of the flesh is enmity with God.

    Either stick with Christian Films or change the name of the site and stop deceiving and misleading sincere Christians looking for genuine christian film recommendations.

  10. Annelie says
    15 November 13, 9:43am

    We are there for a warning to Christians. If a film is marketed to Christians, then Christians will watch it without knowing they shouldn’t. That is why we list films marketed to Christians and put notes on there as warnings. We are sorry that you disagree with this, but this is just as important as listing only Christian films.

    It’s similar to Dove – we link to the Dove reviews ,if they have one and then people can read the reviews before watching the film and make a decision based on that. Our warning is similar to Dove’s warning that it’s NOT a Dove approved film.

    If a film is on the database that doesn’t mean we recommend it. If we do an official review on the film we will put in the title a recommendation if we truly recommend that film. This is the main page to find our specific recommendations – http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/category/cfdb-recommendations/


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