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Dragons in Our Midst

Sneak Preview
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Film Synopsis:

A movie based on the first book in the Dragons in Our Midst series is in pre-production, but it still needs funding to go into full production.

The books author is (Bryan Davis) and the producer of the movie will be (Darren Thomas).

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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  1. CFDb says
    14 November 10, 7:54am

    This would be a Great film, if it ever gets the funding it needs.

  2. saphira says
    07 October 11, 5:45pm

    i love that series but i heard its going to be pg-13 i hate that i want it to pg so like the 10-
    12 year old kids can watch i mean they read all his books and then they can’ t watch the best movie ever.

  3. Itamiyumi says
    25 April 12, 10:25pm

    I don’t think they could make the movie pg, the book has some intense moments that are fine in print, but when translated to the screen would be somewhat different. I would however love to see them turn the book into a movie, and if the screenplay is done well, the whole series. I am a huge fan of the books, it was this series that made me realize that Christian books could be really good, and I beleive it would reach a lot people.

  4. Mike says
    20 October 12, 8:12pm

    I think that I would be a great movie. They should do all the series though. I think it would be as big as lord of the rings.

  5. Dragon lover says
    03 January 13, 6:44pm

    I will so love to see this! Please, Please, Please Become a movie!!!!!

  6. Annelie says
    04 January 13, 8:38am

    It’s still being made but there are plans to release it :) Just not sure when.

  7. AlmostAnAnthrozil says
    11 January 13, 8:47pm

    Would adore a film of this, but, as an avid book reader I find much dissapointment in movies based on books I love. I am eager to see what this would bring, I do hope it gets the funding. Because I absolutely love these books. Unfortunately these amazing christian novels don’t get enough publicity because they cater to a faith based audience. Still I will PRAY that this comes true, I have always nursed a secret wish for Raising Dragons to be a film.

  8. WannabeBannister says
    13 March 13, 7:27pm

    Hopefully they’ll follow the book page for page. If they do and do it correctly, this will easily surpass LOTR

  9. MakaidosFan says
    06 August 13, 11:12am

    I hope this becomes a movie. I do hope they get some SERIOUS actors on stage. Please don’t let this amazing series come out in a cheesy film, with sorry acting. I do have high hopes for this though!

  10. The Boss says
    01 November 13, 1:12pm

    I soooo got dibs of playing Walter in this movie!

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