Dreams and Miracles

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Film Synopsis:

The John Schaffer Story: John loves his grandmother and when she dies at an early age John becomes angry with life and God. Many years pass and on a lonely mountain road in the middle of the night he experiences a vision of his grandma that not only reignites his faith… but save his life!

The Miracle of Mt. Whitney – Two climbers have no idea that they will be used by God to save the lives of two fallen hikers freezing to death on top of California’s Mt. Whitney. The vision that takes place to find the men is a total miracle! Jim and Sally: A young couple meet dancing, fall in love, marry and dance all their lives. Sally dies at an early age. One week after Jim passes his daughter receives a most amazing letter from a distant acquaintance possibly revealing what Jim and Sally are doing in Heaven right now… dancing!

Penny’s Aquarium: Penny Kraft has always wanted an aquarium… a big one! But because of family finances etc., she goes without. She begins to save a small amount through time and when a close friend loses her home and everything.. Penny gives her all to help out… not expecting an unbelievable miracle that astounds family and friends.

The Departing of Herb Polsteen: Herb Polsteen is near the end… dying of cancer in a hispice center in Colorado Springs. Grace Johnson, a kind hospice worker, visits him anyway on a regular basis. One day Herb is as happy as can be exclaiming that his son is coming to get hom on Friday at 12 noon. Grace returns on Friday and experiences Herb’s departure! This story you don’t want to miss!

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