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Film Synopsis:

Dreams tells the stories of a dancer, rapper, ex-boxer, singer, and hustler struggling through everyday life to make their dreams come true. Under pressure to own up to his financial responsibilities, college student Quentin chases after his dreams as a dancer although it isn’t exactly a job his brother-in-law intended. Dance is a means to suppress the nightmares of the molestation he experienced as a child; as long as he dances, he’s normal. The acclaim he attracts lands a highly paid, coveted position teaching choreography at the premiere studio of the commercial dance world. He powers through his angst of direct social contact and falls in love with his new found position. But when the faculty member responsible for getting him the position wants sex in return, his aspirations are threatened.

Newly paroled Alonzo’s transition into a liberated society is met with much opposition. He finds out that his girlfriend has a boyfriend who his children call dad and sets his hopes on regaining their trust and proving his worth. He sets out to find a job and means to support them. Right away he finds employers are as unforgiving as his family; no one wants to hire an ex-con. After countless rejections, he crosses paths with a Christian gentleman who offers him a position at his family shop. But with little pay, accumulating bills, and fleeting time, his former occupation as a hustler is certain to bring him the money he needs to win his family back.

Paalo, a former title boxer, owns and operates a training facility works hard at taking care of the youth in his community. At night the facility serves as a venue for aspiring artists to showcase their talents. His success ends inside the facility. In the privacy of his office, he makes many failed attempts at contacting his estranged daughter. The success of his business bring in both money which he puts in an account for his daughter and attention from the local drug dealer who threatens to take over by any means necessary. When a young girl gets attacked outside of his building, it prompts him to cross boundaries in pursing his daughter even if that means he’ll lose her forever.

Mia, a suburbanite, is great at pretending. Her friends recognize her talent, but basically know nothing about her; and her mother doesn’t want to. Every week Mia confronted by her therapist to take the steps to overcome the emotional, psychological, and physical abuse inflicted by her father as a child. Mia’s mother sang to Mia after her father beat her to make it seems like everything is okay. Now Mia longs to express herself. When her friends take her to an underground club to perform, she is forced to make a decision to step out of her shell. She wants to be free of her deceased father, but fears defying his rules from the past. When the opportunity to sing presents itself, she exceeds all expectations. Mia then realizes singing is the key to break free of pain. When Mia thinks she is safe, she gets attacked in an alley and comes face to face with her enemy.

Donte, a drug dealer, wants to own the city. He has established fear in the community, acquired some businesses, and even has a few cops on his payroll. When he sees a familiar face back in town that he just can’t let go, he begins a pursuit of a man, known as The Uncle. This deters him from his business plan. His obsession breaks him down, softening him, to the point where his accomplishments become expendable, his title meaningless, and his aspirations worthless. His one priority: to take revenge upon the man who created the monster he’s become.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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  • Syesha Mercado – Mia
  • Joseph Awinongya – Paalo
  • Marvin Winans Jr. – Donte
  • Marchello Lee – Quentin
  • J’Son – Alonzo
  • Deleon – Therapist
  • Angie Stone – Alonzo’s Mother
  • Terri J. Vaughn – Elise
  • Tommy Ford – Jackson
  • Geoffrey Owens – Mr. Walsh
Contact Person: Alvin Williams
Email: Email Contact

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