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Holy Ghost

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Holy Ghost

Film Description:

HOLY GHOST is a film that will capture the power, mystery and character of the Holy Spirit through amazing God encounters in all corners around the world. Easily Wilson’s most challenging adventure to date, HOLY GHOST hopes to illustrate one man’s journey to gain a better understanding of both the power and mystery of this part of God.

Coming from the same team that brought you the wildly popular “God Trilogy” of Finger of God, Furious Love, and Father of Lights, you can be certain that not only will Wanderlust Productions be bringing you a finished product, but that it will most likely be a powerful and challenging experience for everyone who sees it.

Filmmaker Darren Wilson is ready to begin a new journey—one that is born out of friendship with God and a genuine faith that He wants to move lovingly and powerfully in everyone’s life. Holy Ghost will take Darren and his team around the world as they go in search of the nature and evidence of the Holy Spirit. They will explore the role of the Holy Spirit in the arts, ministry, and the Christian life. But as with all of Darren’s films, it will be the encounters of ordinary people with the God of the Bible that will take center stage. Darren feels that God is directing him to approach some of the religions of the world and “introduce them to the Holy Spirit and see what happens.” This will be a film with no script, but will be a visceral, authentic, and wholly unique experience for the viewer.

This film’s predecessor FATHER OF LIGHTS will be available in stores for the first time, beginning August 27, through Capital Christian Distribution.

Darren Wilson’s popular God Trilogy:

Finger of God
Furious Love
Father of Lights

New Film: Holy Ghost

Who’s In The Film?

Darren’s films always contain a large cast and a wide variety of voices and opinions, and Holy Ghost will be no different. While the cast is still in the process of being finalized, some of the people already confirmed include: Bill Johnson, Todd White, Randy Clark, Michael W Smith, RT Kendall, William P Young, Kris Vallotton, Will Hart, Jamie Galloway, Robby Dawkins, Jake Hamilton, Jeremy Riddle, Banning Liebscher & Jesus Culture, Shawn Bolz, Lee Grady, Devon Franklin, Kobus Van Rensburg, Heidi Baker, and many, many more!

Holy Ghost - Christian Film-Movie on DVD with Darren Wilson - CFDb 1 5

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Holy Ghost - Christian Film-Movie on DVD with Darren Wilson - CFDb 1

Holy Ghost - Christian Film-Movie on DVD with Darren Wilson - CFDb

Holy Ghost - Christian Film-Movie on DVD with Darren Wilson - CFDb 3

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