Hookers: Saved on the Strip

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Film Synopsis:

The Las Vegas Strip is Annie Lobert’s office and her job is to free women from the violence and exploitation of the sex industry through her faith-based organization, Hookers For Jesus.

Hookers: Saved on the Strip follows Annie, who sold her body in Sin City for over a decade, as she now provides a path to a new life for women caught in the web of sex trafficking.

(Parental Warning!)

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Hookers: Saved on the Strip
Episode Guide

Episode 1
Air Date: 12/08/10

Regina is an adopted Korean girl who was pimped out by her boyfriend while they served in the Navy. After Regina’s decade in the industry, she entered the Destiny House, successfully went through the program and is about to graduate and get her first “real” job. Regina learns how to function in the “real” world and attempts to go on job interviews and move on with her life. However, conflicts within the house and her alcoholism threaten to sabotage her near-success, and her parent’s apathy toward her sincere effort to seek forgiveness force Regina to make a tough decision. Also, Annie goes back to the Midwest, where she talks frankly with her middle class family about her wild past. She introduces her husband to her old stomping grounds. She points out the strip clubs where she got her start in the industry, and Annie’s family embraces her with total forgiveness.

Episode 2
Air Date: 12/15/10

We are introduced to Annie Lobert, a former prostitute who has since reformed, and now rescues girls from the sex industry. The newly married (to rocker Oz Fox) Lobert has her hands full dealing with the 3 residents of the Destiny House. Desiree, a hard-luck 19 year old, who was “tricked” into the “game” by her cousin. Following Desiree’s arrest for prostitution and grand larceny she found Annie amidst the chaos. Desiree struggles to adjust to the rigors of the Destiny House, attempt to get her charges cleared, gain a GED and follows her investigative trip back to the east coast to make sense of this traumatic journey and to let her family and friends know the true story of her time in Vegas, including family betrayal.

Episode 3
Air Date: 12/22/10

Audrey’s story is a heartbreaking journey of sexual abuse, violence, and many attempts on her life. She is currently hiding out from the “pimp mafia” who she believes want to kill her. With almost daily breakdowns, Annie patiently helps guide Audrey through her emotional roller coaster. Audrey resurrects her music dreams by meeting with a music producer who promises to help her once she graduates from the program. Now that Annie has settled into married life with Oz, she is desperate to have a child and start a family. We see Annie go from doctor to doctor trying to figure out how to get her once drug-ravaged body ready to start bearing children.

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