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Film Description:

“Believing makes it possible. Faith makes it real.”

Firefighter Jeff Elliott and his wife, Ruth, live their dream in the golden Midwest—high school sweethearts married with two beautiful, healthy children, the family farm, horses, sports, church groups. But life can change in an instant.

On a typical Illinois winter day, teenage son Eric “Hoovey” Elliott collapses at high school basketball practice and is rushed to the hospital. Doctors find a tumor at the base of his brain—and they’re down to hours—but surgery is high risk. It may erase the young man’s ability to walk, to talk, and there’s no guarantee he’ll survive.

In a grueling eight-hour procedure, the tumor is removed, for the Elliott family, life and dreams are forever changed. Hoovey will have to relearn to walk, to read, even to see straight with two unbalanced eyes, covered one at a time by an eye patch. As for ever stepping back on a basketball court? Forget it. Any blow to the head could be fatal.

Unpaid medical bills mount, meanwhile, and on Jeff’s firefighting salary, the family is in crippling debt. Everything he and Ruth have built is at stake. Hoovey’s teenage sister, Jen, is feeling alone and nearly forgotten in the most important time of her life. And realizing that his one dream in life—playing basketball—is gone, Hoovey also sinks into deep sadness.

The Elliotts are a family at risk with no one to turn to, but themselves . . . and God.

“HOOVEY” is the true and inspiring story of the Elliott family, who refused to surrender. Leaning on one another and on their faith, in the worst of circumstances, they learn to rebuild their lives, their boy and their dreams . . . together. Step by grueling step, with faith, love and the tireless work of a mother and father to save their family, their farm and their boy, Hoovey learns to walk again. To read again. To dribble and shoot a basketball again.

Finally, stepping out in his faith, he steps back onto the court, for another shot at living his dream . . .

Release Date: (Theaters) September 5, 2014

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Hoovey The Movie - Christian Movie, Film DVD from Echolight Studios

Hoovey - Christian Movie, Film DVD from Echolight Studios

Hoovey - Christian Movie, Film from Echolight Studios

  • Patrick Warburton … Jeff Elliott
  • Cody Linley … Hoovey
  • Alyson Stoner … Jen Elliott
  • Brandon Smith … Donavan
  • Charles Robinson … Coach Wilson
  • Glenn Morshower … Dr. Kattner
  • Jordan Farris … Scooter
  • Lauren Holly … Ruth
  • Alexandria Deberry … Annie
  • Gary Teague … Restaurant Patio Patron
  • Seth Lee … Basketball Player
  • Avery Stock … Courtney
  • Clay Dove … Hospital Orderly
  • Eric Zettina … Doctor
  • A.C. Hensley … Doctor ( A.C. Hensley)
  • Zach Kepple … Basketball Dad
  • Jency Allison Weeks … Neonatal Nurse
  • Paige Musgrove … Pedestrian
  • Tom Costello Jr. … Dr. Backus
  • Sheryl Musgrove … Bank Employee
  • Rick Vyper … Doctor
  • Dee Beasnael … Accident On Looker
  • Terrie Cooklin … Doctor
Company: Echolight Studios
Contact Person: Denver Smith
Email: Contact

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