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CFDb Review!

Fantastic film that really makes you think about your own Christianity!

Film Synopsis:

Based on the best-selling novel by Joseph Girzone that touched the lives of millions, Joshua is an inspirational story about a stranger whose mysterious “supernatural” powers inspire a small town.

When Joshua moves to the outskirts of Auburn, he awakens the curiosity of the sleepy town. The locals aren’t quite sure what to make of him. They don’t know who he is or where he came from, but no one can shake the feeling that they’ve known him for years. Know n only by his first name, his wisdom and compassion place him at the center of the town’s attention.

This attention intensifies as Joshua shatters prejudice and misconception, and even seems to perform miracles. Despite his benevolence and selfless work in the community, some remain suspicious. There are those who fear that no one in today’s world would do something for nothing. Just what exactly is Joshua up to? In the end, it is the answer to that question which is nearly extraordinary as the discovery of that same transforming power in each of their own hearts.


  • Tony Goldwyn … Joshua
  • F. Murray Abraham … Father Tardone
  • Kurt Fuller … Father Pat Hayes
  • Stacy Edwards … Maggie
  • Giancarlo Giannini … The Pope
  • Eddie Bo Smith Jr. … Theo
  • Michael Guido … Aaron
  • Matt Zeigler … Kevin
  • Colleen Camp … Joan Casey
  • Mark Grapey … Steve Casey
  • Rich Komenich … Ray Persini
  • Dale Calandra … Leo Persini
  • Cedric Young … Charlie
  • Tim Grimm … Bishop Anderson
  • Jordan Allen … Michael Reed
  • James Meeks … Muntoe
  • Bernie Landis … Rabbi Szeneth
  • John Sierros … Policeman
  • David Pasquesi … Eli Cohen
  • Tom Brainard … Young Pastor
  • Tim Decker … Reverend Daily
  • Linsey Page Morton … Paulina
  • Beth Lacke … Sally
  • Tom Roland … Cardinal Riccardo
  • Coby Goss … Father Delorenzo
  • Jim Carrane … Father Tumelo
  • Ilio Bruno … Cardinal Napoli
  • Barrie D. Buckner … Henry
  • Jason Borgardt … Randall
  • Ken Stimson … Reverend Williams
  • Bob O’Donnell … Bishop Representative
  • Tai Anderson … Lost and Found Band – “Third Day”
  • Brad Avery … Lost and Found Band – “Third Day”
  • David Carr … Lost and Found Band – “Third Day”
  • Mark Lee … Lost and Found Band – “Third Day”
  • Mac Powell … Lost and Found Band – “Third Day”
  • David Nathie Barnes … Lost and Found Parishioner
  • Jordan Teachout … Sunday School Stundent
  • Megan Frances … Woman at BBQ
  • Kevin Scott Greer … Parishioner
  • Andy Youssi … Lost and Found Parishioner
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Joshua, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Kunj Bihari says
    06 July 12, 12:41am

    I Love this movies can you tell me that how can i buy this movies from Internet,
    Is this movies is available on you tube if yes than tell me how can i download this movies to my computer

  2. Annelie says
    06 July 12, 8:56am

    Here is the link to Amazon to purchase – on this link you can choose DVD or the Amazon Instant Video:


  3. ClaytonFrazier1 says
    07 February 14, 11:29pm

    This is one of the best christian movies I’ve seen. It is one that has a good shelf life, which I mean is one I can watch over again. Most Christian movies, I can only watch once and not really care if I see them again. There’s also good actors, who are now pretty well known nowadays. It is also funny and very powerful, it will move you. It is good quality movie too. Good production value, and you can’t help not to like the cast. And it deals with real issues and community.

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