Leaving Eden: The Series

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CFDb Interview:

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Film Synopsis:

Leaving Eden is an ensemble drama series about Ben Nicholson, a pastor, his wife Jill and family, and the new vicar (pastor-in-training) who has just arrived to change the world – and all the tensions, joys, and pains they face.

At the heart of Leaving Eden is the tension that naturally exists in the very nature of being a pastor. The statistics surrounding the calling are startling: 50 percent of pastor’s marriages end in divorce. 70 percent of pastors battle depression. 78 percent of pastors have no close friend. Only 10 percent will retire a pastor. 1,500 pastors quit each month.

Too often, Hollywood storytellers take a character who is a priest or a pastor and create tension by making him an alcoholic or a pervert. The true tension is just as powerful and far more subtle. What if a pastor got into a fight with his wife just minutes before he gave a sermon? What if a little boy dying in the hospital demands as much time as the pastor’s own son who wants to throw the baseball?

In a post-Christian world, telling a story about a man with a job like Ben Nicholson’s is an untold tale.

Leaving Eden – Season 1

Episode 1 – Philosophy

Episode 2 – Pretty Things

Episode 3 – Triage

Episode 4 – Law, Gospel, and a Few Nuances

Episode 5 – Predestination

Episode 6 – Lost My Place

Episode 7 – Here

Episode 8 – Praying Hands

Episode 9 – Score

Episode 10 – The Least of These


Episode 1 – Within Without (Part I)

Episode 2 – Within Without (Part II)

Episode 3 – Fear and Fight

Episode 4 – How It Looks

Episode 5 – Kintsukuroi

Episode 6 – What if it Does

SEASON 2.5 – The Christmas Episodes

Episode 1 – The Christmas Episodes “Fah Who For-Aze”

Episode 2- The Christmas Episodes E2 “Solstice

Episode 3 – Christmas Episodes E3 “New Traditions

Episode 4 – Christmas Episodes – E4 “Welcome To Our World



  • David Sapiro – Ben Nicholson
  • Jennifer Batiansila – Jill Nicholson
  • Joshua Pope – Lucas Carlove
  • Ashley Warner – Mackenzie Luce
  • Scott Prox – Les Mueller
  • Angela Mack – Carole Dunn
  • Brittany Peterson – Izzi Parkes
  • Ethan Batiansila – Elliott Nicholson
  • Aidan Batiansila – Kaden Nicholson
  • Mitch Clark – Phelps
  • Brian Roloff – Jake
Company: P.O.V. Einstein
Contact Person: Greg Batiansila
Email: Email Contact
Leaving Eden: The Series, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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