Leonard: The Story of Salvation Mountain & Leonard Knight

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Film Synopsis:

A drifter comes to believe he is called to tell the world, “God is love.”

In 1971, Leonard Knight gazed up from atop his ladder perched in the apple tree he was picking and saw a hot air balloon. He took it as “a sign” that he had been “called” to tell the world, “God is love.” After twelve years of trying unsuccessfully to launch his own, “God is love” balloon and seven years of building a “God is love” mountain only to have it collapse onto itself, Leonard finally decides to stop trying and “turn it all over to God…” The result is Salvation Mountain.

Today, Leonard is considered America’s foremost living Folk Artists; has developed engineering innovations (he would say inspired by God) that have never been observed anywhere in the world; and been nominated for National Treasure Status by the US Congress.

From one of the most God forsaken places on earth, Slab City (see, Into the wild), Leonard has personally shared his inspiring testimony and the love of God with over half a million visitors (more than anyone, ever)

But they don’t only come for the art. Leonard’s “secret” is something that he is to humble to understand… he is the embodiment of the Biblical ideal of “Salt & Lights as well as Child-like faith” and it doesn’t matter weather you are aware of these biblical concepts or not, EVERYONE “gets it.”

But Leonard would make few Top 10 Most Successful lists. In fact, he is a failure in every way the world measures a man. You will have to read my story synopsis (coming soon) but his life has been one disaster after another, beset with villains as well as simultaneously attacked by the county, state and EPA. In fact his story is so unbelievable, no one would dare to imagine it.

In the spirit of The Straight Story; The world’s fastest Indian; Temple Grandin; and Into the wild, this film will tell the story of the most unlikely hero, that must embrace, once and for all, the promise God has for his life, and in the process, accomplish a feat that is truly Biblical in scale.

Leonard Knight is the greatest story that’s never been told! Stay tuned…

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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