Missed The Calling

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Film Synopsis:

The Associate Pastor of an inner-city church is left behind after the Rapture and struggles to survive the aftermath.

LokJaw Music Group proudly presents their 1st feature film entitled “Missed The Calling.” Across the globe, millions of citizens fall prey to an apparent terror plot. Associate Pastor Sean James (Darrell Thomas), Chris “Casper” Anderson (Ben Ancrum) and Jamal James (Dominique Thomas) band together to discover that recent events might not be exactly as they appear. As a new world leader rises to ultimate power, those who’ve come to know the truth about these recent mysterious events find themselves running for their lives.

Writer/Director Darrell Thomas weaves an intricate tale based on the biblical account of The Rapture, an event which takes place during the “end times” when God calls His true believers home to heaven in the blink of an eye.

  • Darrell Thomas – Sean James
  • Ben Ancrum – Casper
  • Dominique Thomas – Jamal James
  • Harold Smith – John the Atheist
  • David Gordon – Detective Jones
  • A’Tum Johnson – “Brian”
  • Fredrick Randle – “Frank”
Name/Company: LokJaw Music Group
Contact Person: Darrell Thomas
Phone: 816-506-1284
Email: Email Contact
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  1. Brian Johnson says
    28 December 11, 9:29pm

    I got this movie and It is deep. I mean it starts a little slow but then it grabs you with so much truth it seems more real than a movie. The way the rapture takes place is more real than the typical ways it’s been shown in other movies. If you get the movie you will see where I am coming from. You really think the guy playing the devil is really him. I’ve never seen so much truth in a Christian film. The plot is too real to be a film. This stuff is happening now. This film is the bomb. I suggest all Christians and churches get it. You heard it here first.

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