One Hit From Home

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CFDb Review:

One Hit From Home – Right from the start this is a strong Christian movie. Love the idea that we are not to let our failures define who we are. Powerful statement! Life does throw us all curve balls but God truly understands our suffering.  Check out the CFDb blog about this film.  CFDb Blog.

One Hit From Home

Film Description:

One Hit From Home – After suffering a career ending knee injury, pro-baseball superstar Jimmy Easton returns to a place he has not been in a very long time…home. Here, Jimmy confronts dark memories from a tragic past as he tries to make peace with a life he once left behind. Things take an unexpected turn when he is forced back into the world of baseball as the coach of an underachieving college team. Coach Jimmy’s rocky relationship with Brandon Elliot, the team’s only star, forces both of them to deal with their similarly troubled pasts.

One Hit from Home” is an inspirational family film that explores the unpredictability of life, reminding us that through our greatest struggles only faith can bring us home.

One Hit From Home - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD Baseball, Pure Flix

  • Ronald D. Alcazar … Barista
  • Sarah Blackford … Student 2
  • Slav Boston … Jimmy Easton’s Friend
  • ChrisAnn Brunsmann … Jennifer Donalds
  • Edward Bullard … Malcolm
  • Robb Cain … Umpire
  • Jan Chatwin … Judge Julius
  • Nathan Chrisman … Kelvin
  • Brad DeVore … Sams
  • Rob Edwards … Jeff Elliot
  • Will Erlebach … Will Tanner
  • Aaron Favor … Viper Catcher
  • Kathleen Garcia … Allison
  • Chris Hays … Richard Heward (Scout)
  • J. Lyle Johnson … Jimmy’s Friend
  • Joshua Trevor Laney … Gladiator Announcer
  • Mike Lemieux … Viper #45
  • John Mccormick … Guy in Bar
  • Johnny Meier … Brandon Elliot
  • Rebecca Michael … Monica
  • Debra Mitchell … Joan Mitchell
  • John Mitchell … Pastor Mitchell
  • Deanna Moore … Stage Actress
  • Keith Nelson Moseley … Student 1
  • Elliot Moten … Brady Bowden
  • Rami Najjar … Rico
  • D. Sydney Potter … Smitty Johnson
  • P.J. Quarequio … Coach Gilbs
  • Kevin Ratay … Lee
  • Robert James Raymond … Galdiators Team Photographer
  • Max Reed … Bartender
  • Mardigan Ryan … Skinny
  • Robert Schile … Mr. Wilcox
  • Lynn Smith … Camera Guy
  • David Aaron Stone … Jimmy Easton
  • Mike Stone … Gladiator Player 1
  • Heather Taylor … Reporter
  • Heather Taylor … Reporter
  • Pavel Tchursin … Guy in Bar
  • John R. Trent … William Easton
  • Brian Trush … Young Jimmy Easton
  • Quinton J. Ward … Ozzie
  • Chase Wheeler … Gumby
  • Eric Wheeler … Savage
  • Brian Whitman … Theater Director
  • Alden Witte … Dr. Redinghouse
  • Mike Wyatt … Gladiator Player 2
  • Tacoma Zach … James Garfield
  • Karis Mitchell … Tiffany Mitchell
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One Hit From Home, 3.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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  1. david says
    14 April 14, 3:06pm

    Wonderful movie very moving, does anyone know what kind of car that the coach owns “BLACK” I think it’s a Ford not sure. Thanks

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