Pilgrim: The Series

Sneak Preview
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Pilgrim: The Series

Film Description:

Pilgrim: The Series is a modern retelling of the allegory Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. Pilgrim’s Progress was created as a groundbreaking tool for teaching the younger generation. Never before had Christian truths been taught in a way that captured the attention of the novel reading generation of the time. Our goal for the Pilgrim series is to do just that. We want to reach our next generation by matching the quality of media that children are exposed to daily, maintaining good Christian values. Even those who have read the books a hundred times will be captivated by the fleshed out characters and revisited dialogue.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA

Sneak Preview

Pilgrim DVD Cover

Pilgrim Screen shot

  • Kyle McCluskey – Pilgrim
  • Brandon Pierce – Evangelist
  • Sean Longfellow – Obstinate
  • Dustin Harter – Pliable
  • Andrew Woodruff – Nobleman
  • Jonny Bayer – The King
  • Chelsea Bond – Christiana
  • Casey Bartlett – Faithful
  • Rory Ross – Apolyon (voice)
  • Randy Lutz – Quarry Worker
  • Trevor Iwata – Quarry Worker
  • Mitchell Kessler – Shot Town Archer
  • Tanner Dull – Town Archer
  • Bronson Dull – Town Archer
  • Rory Ross – Scared Town Archer
  • Charley Moore – Town Archer
  • Kelsey Leek – Citizen
  • Kevin Ford – Citizen
  • Ian McCluskey – Archer
  • Alyson Atwood – Citizen
  • Andrew Edmister – Citizen
  • Clara Smith – Citizen
  • Heather Salzman – Citizen
  • Kayla Albrecht – Citizen
  • Kenton Gonzalez – Citizen
  • Michael Moore – Citizen
  • Stephanie Singer – Citizen
  • Talisha Batuik – Citizen
  • Thaddaeus McCandless – Citizen Beggar
  • Tyler Sherwin – Citizen
  • Chelsea Moon – Citizen
Company: Fireside Pictures
Contact Person: Tanner Dull
Email: Email Contact

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