Popieluszko: Freedom is Within Us

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Popieluszko: Freedom is Within Us

Film Description:

Popieluszko: Freedom is Within Us – The stirring, powerful true story of Blessed Jerzy Popiełuszko, the courageous young priest martyr who became the chaplain and spiritual leader of the large trade union in Poland, Solidarity, in the 1980s. At 37 yrs. old, Fr. Popiełuszko was brutally murdered by Communist agents for his outspoken defense of his people, and proclaiming the teachings of the Church on human rights and the dignity of the human person.

An ordinary young priest in many ways, Fr. Jerzy had a dynamic personality, a deep prayer life, and a strong empathy for the persecution and sufferings of the workers and trade unionists, especially when Martial Law was declared in 1981. He was a beacon of hope in those dark days and his message of truth was devoured by the Polish people after 40 years of oppression. Thousands came from all over Poland to hear him speak and every month the crowds grew, bringing the Secret Police closer to his door.

He was harassed, threatened, and imprisoned, but he would not be silenced. His friends suggested that he leave Poland for his own safety but he replied “my place is with the people” and “I am ready for anything.” On October 19, 1984, three Communist agents kidnapped Father Jerzy and he was viciously beaten, bound, and thrown into the Vistula River.

A priest greatly revered by the Polish nation, over 700,000 attended his funeral, and a national shrine at his grave in front of his parish church in Warsaw is visited by a million people yearly. He was beatified in 2010.

STRONG Parental Warning due to heavy language,
even in the trailer so we do not link to the trailer here

Polieluszko 1


  •   Adam Woronowicz … Jerzy Popieluszko
  •   Artur Balczynski … Young Wladyslaw Popieluszko-Jerzy’s Father
  •   Stanislaw Banasiuk … Adam Lopatka
  •   Adam Biedrzycki … Father Adam
  •   Teresa Bielinska … Nun
  •   Witold Bielinski … Army Officer
  •   Katarzyna Boguslawska … Ambulance Dispatcher
  •   Grzegorz Bonski … Cleric
  •   Kazimierz Borowiec … Wladyslaw Popieluszko-Jerzy’s father
  •   Filip Budweil … Corporal
  •   Dorota Calek … Sister Gertruda
  •   Szymon Cempura … Father Lewandowski
  •   Lukasz Chojeta … Cleric
  •   Ryszard Czarnecki … ‘Ursus’ Manager
  •   Robert Czebotar … SB Agent
  •   Karolina Demianiuk … Grandmother
  •   Ryszard Dolinski … Older
  •   Sebastian Domagala … Leszek Pekala
  •   Joanna Drozda … Jola
  •   Piotr Duda … Waldemar Chmielewski
  •   Jan Englert … Professor
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