Running From Darkness

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Film Synopsis:

Jalial is a self-made computer geek living an ordinary life in Iran after the fall of the Shah. His father supported the Shah leaving his family open to “official” interest in any infraction against the austere religious rule.

After leaving a wedding with his inebriated cousin, Jailal is pulled from  the car and taken to prison where he is cruelly tortured and his cousin is killed. After leaving that place, he decides to leave home and run to the university to pursue his passion…computers. The religious police took a special interest in Jailal’s family and continue to follow him kicking him out of school and forcing him to run to another city.

Even though he has a job at a university, life is still hard. His faith is gone and he is at odds with his family. After his father suddenly dies, Jailal has a crisis of life and considers suicide but, in an intervention that only God himself can arrange, he gives over his life to Jesus Christ with an Iranian Christian pastor on the television leading the way.

Jailal’s mother is also ill and his cousin comes to get him and finds Jailal a completely changed person and at peace. Jailal then leads his cousin to faith in Jesus as well and proceeds home where they pray for Jailal’s mother and she is miraculously healed of her illness! They want to read the Bible but find that difficult so Jailal uses proxies on his computer system at the university to download them from England. His electronic trail is eventually discovered and the religious police are after him again, this time to kill him.

Jailal is forced to make a deal with an unsavory drug dealer in order to escape to Turkey. It is a harrowing trip with the Iranian religious official after him. After a bus crash and escaping bandits and gunfire, Jailal arrives in Turkey and finds that life is not much better after trying to live the truth of Christ.

Jalial gains employment as a low wage construction worker along with a friend from his escape. They cling together in Turkey watching out for one another. The foreman at work pushes for Jalial to register with the local authorities his illegal immigration status. This does not sit well with Jalial as he also begins to notice Iranian authorities rounding up “illegals” and taking them back to Iran. His friend seems to disappear from sight in one of these police sweeps.

As both sets of authorities begin to corral him, Jalial makes one more desperate attempt at freedom and runs to the American embassy where he finally finds asylum and a new home in the United States as a free man!


Release Date: (Theaters) February 14, 2015

Release Date: (DVD) TBA

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    It has the potential to be a great movie!

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