Sons of God

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Film Synopsis:

The Sons of God Trilogy is about two angels: one fallen and one good, as they battle over human souls. The trilogy consists of three films:

Film 1: Sons of God: The Bridge
Logline: One decision can change your destiny.
Synopsis: Maria is about to kill herself. As Maria stands on top of a bridge, two angels appear – one fallen and one good. Armed with his playing card deck of tricks and illusions, fallen angel, Demetri is intent on making Maria jump whilst Micah, the good angel tries to stop Demetri’s mind games, armed with his sword of truth. With the stakes high, who will win this battle of wills?

Film 2: Sons of God: The Deal
Logline: What would you sell your soul for?
Synopsis: Tony is at a crossroads, does he choose to work for a drug dealer or continue in his financial struggle. The battle for Tony’s soul has started and the two angels, Micah and Demeteri are ready to battle.

Film 3: Sons of God: The Seventh Trumpet
Logline: The time has come for judgement.
Synopsis: The seventh trumpet, heralding the return of the Christ has been sounded. Micah has been ordered to take Demeteri, the fallen angel, to the lake of fire. However, things are not so simple, Micah is torn by the memory of the Demeteri he knew before the fall. Whilst Demeteri will not accept that the battle is over.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Film 2: Sons of God: The Deal

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Film 3: Sons of God: The Seventh Trumpet

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  • Donna Amante … Maria
  • Wkd Axe … Micah
  • Peter Peralta … Demetri
  • Darlito Amante Jr. … Kyber
  • Shumon Matin … Eddie
  • Marcus McSorley … Tony
  • Olu Osilewe … Jasmine
  • Chris Polykarpou … Telos
  • Samantha Vaid … Sabrina
  • Nathan Ampofo … Archangel Michael
  • Evan Regueira … Archangel Raphael
  • Daniel Rodrigues … Micah
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