The Happy Caterpillars

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I know you’re wondering about the title, you’ll have to watch and see! The theme for this movie is prayer. Check out CFDb Movie Review.

Film Synopsis:

When rising waters trap four very different travelers in a remote cabin, the reluctant team must survive wildlife, the elements, and each other.

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The Happy Caterpillars, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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  1. Michael Bolton says
    29 December 12, 8:23am

    A quirky and realistic story where 4 strangers are forced to do something that people rarely attempt these days: genuinely talk. It’s not guns and sex, so it won’t break any sales records, but it does pass the Bechdel test ( And it does remind us that people are, more often then not, just looking for a place to connect. God makes a cameo appearance through prayer, but his role in the plot of this film is a great analogy for our own lives: no major miracles, but when we reveal ourselves to others, we can build lasting connections. Erik Nelson skilfully navigates the awkwardest of situations, being stranded with three members of the opposite gender in his role as Ted. Katie Frederick pulls off a laid-back entertainer, and her and Melinda provide some comic relief to the anxious portrayal of Maura by Lacy Carmany. Overall, the story reminds us that a gentle nudge and some holiday stress is all it takes to remind us how to focus on what matters; no aliens, guns, or love-triangles necessary.

  2. Kate says
    29 December 12, 1:08pm

    I loved this film. It was a real joy to see an independently-made film shine so bright with great editing, camera-work, directing, and acting. I especially enjoyed the film’s beautiful scenic locations and the use of lighting–the candle-lit scenes were breath-taking. The acting was natural and fun to watch, and the script and story unfolded in a quick-paced but relaxing way. Will love sharing this with my family and friends and would recommend it to everyone!

  3. Michael says
    30 December 12, 7:16am

    Like the John Hughes films of the 80s, “The Happy Caterpillars” is a straightforward story of people learning about each other, and in doing so about themselves. As the characters connect with each other, they also learn to connect with God through prayer, an element that was missing from Brat Pack movies. The spiritual element fills in the gaps and completes the message that you are never truly alone.

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