The Messiah

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Film Synopsis:

While remaining true to scriptures, The Messiah visually communicates the Gospel message and unfolds the events surrounding Jesus’ death, resurrection and Pentecost in a relevant and compelling way. Set in first-century Jerusalem, the film will bring this breathtaking city to life in a way we’ve never seen.

The Messiah draws in the audience through an exciting and dramatic story that, unlike any other film, takes them all the way through Pentecost. Audiences will be able to experience the full message of the Gospel – God lives within us.

With it’s unique perspective, powerful visuals and staggering backdrop, The Messiah is a movie that could truly impact the entire world.

Prayer request for the Messiah Movie!

For the past 3 1/2 years, a team of Christian filmmakers in Hollywood have been working diligently on developing plans for a feature film that has the potential to be the most spiritually significant movie ever made. The film is called The Messiah and it picks up where The Passion left off (planned release Christmas 2013 or Easter 2014). It naturally and powerfully communicates the Gospel message of Jesus Christ — from the Cross, through the Resurrection, to Pentecost.

Budgeted at an estimated $100 million USD, with state-of-the-art special effects, including being shot in 3D, The Messiah will be an epic film that will wow audiences (by comparison The Passion’s budget was $30 million USD). And for the first time in history, the born-again experience, what it means to have a personal relationship with God, will be shown on screen. This means the Gospel message will be communicated in a way that everyone can understand regardless of education or language, and because it will be a mainstream blockbuster movie, it truly will reach everywhere in the world.

The Messiah is in the final stages of funding. A number of investors are currently reviewing our plans and making their final decision on whether to fund the movie.

We are calling on Christians throughout the world to pray for The Messiah and this unprecedented opportunity to leverage a state-of-the-art feature film to take the Gospel to the ends of the Earth.

Release Date: Christmas 2013 or Easter 2014

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  1. Godlyman says
    25 December 10, 9:17am

    Am in Ghana and where can i really get this films to buy?

  2. CFDb says
    01 January 11, 10:23am

    This film is not out yet. Should be out in 2013 or 2014!

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