Through A Mother’s Eyes

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Film Synopsis:

This true story is based on the book by Debbie Miller “Through A Mother’s Eyes…I Gave Birth To An Angel”.

A story of pain, blood and great loss. It is that rare kind of movie that will take you deep into a mothers heart! Based on the book by Debbie Miller Through A Mothers Eyes I Gave Birth to an Angel.

It is a story that will take you on a personal journey with Debbie and Steve Miller as they give birth to their son Michael, who died in her womb. You will walk with her as she faces the death of her special son and as she endures the pain, suffering and fear that accompanied unbelievable health problems. You will be caught in the midst of this story and wonder how she or you will survive.

You will take a deep breath as the specialist brings her most unbearable news-that she must undergo an operation to amputate both of her legs or die. She makes a bold decision, to die. Debbie has reached her breaking point, she believes that God doesn’t care and wants nothing to do with Him. The event to follow will prove to all that witness that Gods mercy is REAL!

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Release Date: (Select Theaters) May 4, 2013

Release Date: (DVD) May 6, 2013


Through A Mother's Eyes  Debbie Miller

  • Jason John Beebe … Steve Miller
  • Elizabeth Houlihan … Debbie Miller
  • Peter Kent … Dr. Chris Cameron
  • Eddie Mekka … Dr. Henry Myer
  • Jeff Rose … Ev Denniston
Company: TAB Entertainment
Contact Person: Greg Robbins
Phone: 412.855.1330
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Through A Mother's Eyes, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. Sherrie Lynn says
    15 March 13, 5:25am

    This was an amazing book and it looks like an amazing movie! The movie teaser brough me to tears.

  2. 01 April 13, 11:08pm

    I am so thrilled to be a part of this heart warming story. This is truly inspired by God!

  3. 01 April 13, 11:08pm

    I am so thrilled to have had a part in this truly inspired movie!

  4. Brenda Smith says
    11 April 13, 11:36am

    This is an amazing book that my dear friend from way back in school days has written. I know the heartbreak that she has went through has been devastating to her and her family. I am so happy that she has been healing and is able to share her story with us all. Can’t wait to see the movie. I love you Debbie Miller!

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