Your Love Never Fails

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A sweet film that gives a look at how people can drift apart in a marriage and yet there is still hope to fall in love all over again. Never underestimate that marriage takes a commitment. Little bits of Christianity are woven throughout the film and leaves the audience with something to think about in regards to God and marriage.

Film Synopsis:

Your Love Never Fails is the touching tale of single mom Laura Conners, who has climbed the corporate ladder to achieve a high-powered career as an investment banker in New York City. But she struggles to reconcile her wish to spend more time with her 9-year-old daughter Kelsey with her heavy workload and the demands of her boss.

When her estranged husband Dylan files for joint custody of Kelsey, Laura must return to her hometown in Texas to appear in court. Her trip gets extended when the judge forces Laura and Dylan to try working things out on their own – and she must rethink her priorities and address her conflicted thoughts about the simpler lifestyle, church and her own father whom she left behind years ago.

With the help of the local minister Pastor Frank, Laura and Dylan find a way back to the commitment they made to each other and to Kelsey, and Laura realizes that what matters most in life is who you love.

  • Anna Barnholtz … Cathy
  • Vail Bloom … Beth
  • Caia Coley … Judy
  • Elisa Donovan … Laura Conners
  • Kirstin Dorn … Kelsey
  • Tracey Gold … Samantha Pierce
  • Catherine Hicks … Judge Cramer
  • Robert Neary … Dan
  • Victoria Pratt … Anne Marie
  • Brad Rowe … Dylan
  • John Schneider … Pastor Frank
  • Beth Shea … Fran
  • Tom Skerritt … Jack Conners
  • Fred Willard
Name/Company: ARO Entertainment
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Phone: +1 310 277 9797
Your Love Never Fails, 4.1 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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  1. GirlChristian says
    04 April 16, 6:08pm

    Have watched half of this movie and read the synopsis and I’m assuming the mother ends up staying in Texas with the man. I’m having a real hard time understanding why the mother is the one who has to give up her hopes and dreams. Maybe Daddy-o could have considered moving to NYC to show his love for her? Not everybody wants to stay in their hometown forever. And the woman shouldn’t always have to be the one who acquiesces. So far I don’t see the dad compromising at all. He’s not the dream they are making him out to be. Hope I’m proven wrong as this goes on.

  2. Marilyn.mimi says
    23 April 16, 10:49am

    GirlChristian should watch the entire movie. I’ve seen it many times & am watching it now. The anticipated ending is different than you might think. I think the movie is both realistic and well done, and you see both parties compromise in a way that makes the whole family happy.

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