‘God’s Not Dead’ ~ CFDb Movie Review & Highest Recommendation

‘God’s Not Dead’ ~ CFDb Movie Review
& Highest Recommendation


God’s Not Dead

God’s Not Dead the movie a feature film that revolves around the lives of several individuals who are challenged and up against a world that believes God doesn’t exist with an appearance by the Newsboys.



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Great Cinematography, Great Musical Score, Great Music, Great Cast, Great Story, Great Ending & Great Idea…ALL AROUND GREAT!  One of our new all time favorites.  We definitely want to tell the whole world that God’s Not Dead!

Here are some things I want to highlight from this one, without giving any spoilers:

  • The quote, “Why would I do something I’m not proud of.”  (I would like everyone to ask themselves right now the question, is there anything I’m doing right now that I’m not proud of?) If the answer is yes…something needs to change.
  • Matthew 10:33 – But whosoever shall deny me before me, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. OUCH.  That is what this film represents to me and it’s also PERSONAL because a couple of months ago I dreamed this verse and when I woke up and looked it up I realized why I dreamed it.  God had convicted me of something and I went against that conviction.  Thankfully, after repentance…no longer.  It’s amazing how God can get His message across to us.  The best way is through His Word!
  • There is a question asked during the movie that I won’t repeat here but I’ll change it a little and say, “What if this movie…’God’s Not Dead’ is the only way some people will hear about God?”  Bring a LOT of people to this movie and let the Holy Spirit do the convicting on their hearts.
  • When the professor asks the students to write those words on a piece of paper I could only think of the 3 Hebrews who were told to either bow down when the music began or be thrown into the fiery furnace.  What a POWERFUL scene.
  • The humor throughout that really breaks up the seriousness of the film nicely.
  • The Cinderella Complex is brought out briefly in this film as well.  Well done, short but the message gets across.
  • God is good…all the time.  All the time…God is good.  We used to attend a church where the pastor said this before every sermon.  What I liked about it in this film was the man who came to visit the main pastor.  What a GREAT attitude.  Truly he was like Paul, he had learned to be content in whatsoever state he was in.  My goal as well!
  • Last mention here – if we could see as God sees, we would understand more why He answered our prayers or didn’t answer them the way we thought He should.

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  1. 25 February 14, 7:00am

    I wanna win so I can use these tools to help get people excited about the release of Gods Not Dead!

  2. Jennifer says
    26 February 14, 7:04pm

    I hope it comes to my area
    (as of a month ago, it hasn’t)

  3. Heather O says
    27 February 14, 11:42pm

    To get the word out in my church about this movie.

  4. Deborah Seeley says
    02 March 14, 4:06pm

    Thanks so much for the review! I can’t wait to see this movie!

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  7. Ken says
    04 July 14, 10:01am

    Saw this movie last week at a local showing sponsored by our bank. Since we are a small rural community there were perhaps 300 people at the showing. This is the only movie theater within 50 miles of most towns. Enjoyed the movie and have ordered the DVD to show in my church for those that were unable to make it to the showing. The overall theme was fantastic but, I had some qualms about the ending. I felt there were threads that were unresolved. Had the perfect antagonist and protagonist for the movie; well done. Looking forward to the discussions this will generate in the church.

  8. 16 September 14, 7:10am

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  9. 02 November 14, 10:38am

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