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You may add your “Christian” Film to CFDb at no charge. We will create a film page for your film, similar to IMDb, and it’s all free!  Please use this Link to submit your Christian Film information! This is a great way to spread the word about your film.  It’s important to add as much information as you can, and to keep your information up-to-date by using the Update a Film link!

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Affordable Advertising for your Film or Company!

CFDb is a worldwide “Christian Film Website“, with lots of Christian film lovers visiting each month. They come for one main reason, Christian Films.  This makes CFDb a great place to share your film or company.  Please contact CFDb for availability and details! Please use the Contact Form below.

Advertise with CFDb and get noticed!

CFDb also offers podcast interviews for filmmakers/cast/crew to give more exposure about your film(s) for FREE.

Movie reviews are available as well, for only $25.00.


For Our Targeted Advertisement Prices,
see below or contact Desiree – Contact Here!

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Here are what two customers have said about our advertising:

“Having an advertisement on Christian Film Database created a great deal of interest in our movie Believe: The Misfit Pawn. Roger and Annelie are dedicated to helping filmmakers and they are both great to work with!”
Joel Bunkowske – ViaCross Pictures

“ delivered the right audience at the right price! We’ll be back again.”
Joe Jestus, Chief Matchmaker – Nori Media Group


CFDb Advertising Purpose

CFDb Mission is to Win people to Christ and Strengthen the faith of Believers, through spreading the word about Christian Film.  If you share this same goal, this is the main purpose of CFDb Advertising.  Working together to reach people for Christ through Christian Film.


Why Should I advertise with CFDb?  CFDb Stats

  •             100,000+ visitors Monthly
  •             200,000+ impressions Monthly


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Who can advertise with CFDb?

  •        Producers, Directors, Actors promoting their Christian Film (There are even options for as low as $50.00)
  •       Christian Film Production and/or Distribution Companies, Film Festivals, Television and Radio Stations
  •       Christian Companies and/or Organizations
  •       Family Friendly Film Companies and/or Organizations  and so Many More…

To discuss full details, contact us.

What are you waiting for.  Contact CFDb TODAY!

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