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  • Bad Audio Killed the Video Star!

      Bad Audio killed the video star! Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the hook line of the 1979 hit song Video Killed the Radio Star, but despite this corny opening phrase, I think you know where I’m going. Over the years, the access to high-quality video cameras and post-production software has increased dramatically (Thank the Lord!), democratizing the film industry. As a result, video production quality has skyrocketed, launching a whole new era of production companies and film makers...

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  • Script development services ~ Turn your story into script!

    Grow a story until it is rich and complete with InterPlans feature film Development Services! start as small as you like; end up in a browsing showcase. project protection is a priority With my colleague, Daniel George, we provide story development up to script-ready treatment, then in revision of scripts.       E-Book Written By Marcus Sanford (Author), Richard Bagdazian (Author), Daniel George (Author), Lenee Cobb(Contributor) See All Lives Matter — Marcus Sanford  

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  • How to Choose the Best Projector and Screen for Your Church

    How to Choose the Best Projector and Screen for Your Church By: Projector Screen Store Making a purchase for your church is always a tough process because you need to be extremely fiscally conservative while still getting the most bang for your buck, and you know people will definitely have opinions on your purchase. Projectors may be even more nerve-wracking to purchase because everyone is going to see your choice, and picking something that’s too bright, too blurry or just...

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  • Anna’s Heart on Bible Movies

    Anna’s Heart on… Bible Movies Sometimes I really LOVE Bible movies and sometimes…not so much…and you can imagine the reason why. So, just in case you didn’t know, the reason I love some Bible movies are because they stay accurate or close to accurate to the actual words in the Bible.  And sometimes they even capture things that you hadn’t thought about while reading the Bible that really causes a person to read the Bible or even be convicted...

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  • Anna’s Heart on Comedy in Christian Movies

    Anna’s Heart on… Comedy in Christian Movies What is comedy anyway? Comedy = Professional entertainment consisting of jokes and satirical sketches, intended to make an audience laugh. Even though I love to laugh, I rarely enjoy comedy for 2 reasons. Normally, a comedy means one of two things: It’s inappropriate humor It’s ridiculous stupidity type of humor When we watch a Christian movie, it should be a safe place, even in a comedy, but that isn’t always the case. ...

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  • CFDb Movie Review Criteria

    CFDb Movie Review Criteria CFDb charges $25.00 to review Christian films, not scripts.  Script Critiquing or Movie Critiquing are different services we provide. As a result of serious prayer and reflection, CFDb is no longer offering to review all Christian movies for the following reasons: As we continue to grow, our time is very limited. We’ve made exceptions in the past to review family friendly films which is not a part of our ministry. We’ve made exceptions to watch...

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  • Anna’s Heart on Revival in Movies

    Anna’s Heart on… Revival in Movies Have you ever heard of the Great Awakening?  If you haven’t then check out the different revivals that took place in America and some spread to all over the world.  When I first learned about it I was so thrilled and began praying for the Final Great Awakening to begin happening here in America to usher in Jesus’ return. Prayer is awesome and even if you think your prayer life is perfect…do NOT...

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  • Anna’s Heart on Christian Movies

    Anna’s Heart on Christian Movies Why do I love Christian Movies so much? I LOVE Christian Movies.  To be more specific, any movie that brings glory to God and makes me feel empowered and strengthened afterwards. Jesus Power Jesus is awesome and I really love those Christian movies where you seem to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Glory to Jesus When a filmmaker lifts up Jesus (whether they themselves are Christian or not), then it shows within...

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  • Anna’s Heart on Family Friendly Movies

    This is a subject that touches a deep spot in my heart…family friendly movies.  I think what bothers me most of all is that they are decent, clean, sometimes really inspirational movies WITHOUT showing any need for God within the film. One such family friendly movie is Dolphin Tale 2, which we watched last night to see if there was any faith or need for God shown within the film because it was a film that was promoted by...

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  • Anna’s Heart on Theatrical Movie Screeners

    Anna’s Heart on Theatrical Movie Screeners After attending the ‘Little Boy‘ screener the other day, I was compelled to write this article as I realized what a blessing and inspiration movie screeners can be, especially when a producer or director or someone from the actual movie comes to speak and shares some special details about the particular film they’ve been involved in. ‘Little Boy‘ is just such a screener that we attended this past Friday, part of the perks...

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  • Anna’s Heart on Pet Peeves in Movies

    Anna’s Heart on… Pet Peeves in Movies What is a pet peeve anyway? A pet peeve is a particular and often continual annoyance to a particular person, in this case…me!  I’d love it if someone would share how this term came about in the first place because I couldn’t figure it out. Predictability So there you have it…My #1 Pet Peeve in movies is Predictability.  Sort of like a romance movie.  If you are a woman, you know exactly...

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  • Happy New Year Message from CFDb

    Happy New Year Message from CFDb   If you have some great Christian Film Content for the CFDb blog, contact us.   Annelie’s Christian Film World Blog

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