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CFDb Critiquing Service for Filmmakers

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Looking to make a GREAT Christian Film!

CFDb is offering to critique your film, before it is finished, to help you to make a great Christian film.

Even though Roger and I are not filmmakers, we have seen so many films that we have become experts in picking out things right away that should have been done differently.   We can help you by giving suggestions in many different areas.

You would be surprised at how many mistakes are actually made in movies, even after the final editing process.

As a filmmaker, it’s difficult to see your own film without the rose colored glasses on.  This is the reason it’s so important to have a focus group.  Let CFDb be your initial focus group!

The main purpose for offering this service is to Raise the Standard for Christian Films!  We’ve all heard the comments when people make fun of Christian films, and it is easy to see why.

Don’t just think that you are a great filmmaker based on your own opinion, let someone help you!

What is the purpose for your Christian film?  If it’s to glorify God and to make a difference in at least 1 person’s life, then take advantage of this opportunity for CFDb to help you.  It does not glorify God to make a Christian film that has terrible acting, or sound quality, or even a bad script.  It’s time to raise the bar for Christian filmmakers.

I once heard the statement that every Master was once a Disaster.  Constructive criticism will only make you a better filmmaker and once more Great Christian films are out there, then the Christian Community will arise and begin to support Christian films again and you’ll gain the respect of the non-Christians as well.

What Would CFDb Critique?

  1. Overall message of the film
  2. Acting quality
  3. Sound quality
  4. Lighting quality
  5. Musical score
  6. Unnecessary scenes
  7. Filming quality
  8. Mistakes

We will also tell you what we really like about the film, specifically mentioning what parts, actors/actresses, etc.

Included will be some tips on how to Market your Christian Film, a tagline that can be used on your DVD cover artwork, and a Free Review, once the final edit has been finished, on the DVD release date. 250-467-2787


CFDb Cost to Critique

The cost for CFDb to critique your Christian film would be $200.00. which includes the critique, marketing tips, film review and tagline.

 CFDb does accept credit cards through  We also accept checks.  Contact us for details.

Email us or Call us at: 250-467-2787 to discuss details.


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