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Actors/Models ~ Watch Out for This Scam (VLOG)

Actors/Models ~ Watch Out for This Scam (VLOG)

scam-alertI would highly encourage you to listen to this VLOG about scams, especially for Actors/Models.

Watch Out for This Scam

Trust your gutAlthough the photo is a little creepy, it makes a great point.  Pay attention to those red flags.  I like to think of our gut instinct as the Holy Spirit helping us to wise up and do the right thing.  PAY ATTENTION!  Is something doesn’t feel right, it most likely isn’t.  Oh…and keep that in mind when dealing with people too.


By Aaron Marcus

Aaron Marcus will be submitting blogs to CFDb from time to time. Let us know what you think about the video blog! Here is more information on Aaron:

Aaron Marcus

Aaron Marcus is America’s Premier Acting and Commercial Modeling Career Coach. He has been a full-time actor and commercial model for nearly 3 decades, and as of today, he has been booked 1,208 times.

His book How to Become a Successful Commercial Model is now in its 5th Edition. He has his workshop The Best Way to Get Work as an Actor and Commercial Model over 500 times in 4 countries to date. Aaron also offers online workshops as well as private online coaching sessions. He is also the founder of, HowToModel

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