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After watching a Christian film, a decision is made to follow Jesus, now what?

There are TWO sides to this issue!

  • The person accepting Christ

  • The person responsible for holding the Christian Movie showing and/or the Christian(s) that are told by the person that they have accepted Christ.

Here is my personal failure and I pray this will be a wake-up call so it doesn’t happen to anyone else!

One of our former churches used to show Christian movies on a regular basis and my husband and I were in charge of picking out the movies, showing the movies, and speaking before and after the film.

This particular night we were showing “Facing the Giants“.   One of the pastors got up afterwards and asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus into their hearts.  One of the youth raised his hand and accepted Jesus into his heart!  FABULOUS NEWS!

I congratulated him afterwards and gave him a hug and told him that if he ever had any questions to please contact me, that I would be there for him.  (Before you think – oh that was nice…is that all we are required to do?)   I don’t think I ever talked to him again after that.  We soon moved away and the situation haunts me to this day.

I did speak to two pastors to please follow up with this acceptance to Jesus but I don’t believe any follow up was done and I’m almost positive he is no longer following Jesus, although I pray I am wrong.



  • If you are sponsoring an event, plan ahead of time who will be doing the follow up after a decision is made, someone to make a commitment to help that new Christian.   (Does anyone remember how difficult it is to follow Jesus without any help?)

  • If you aren’t sure who is doing the follow up, then YOU do it!  You make the commitment to help that person, to follow up with them, to check up on them on a regular basis and to pray for them often!

  • If you are the one that has given your heart to Jesus and don’t know what to do, approach someone you know that you trust to be a true Christian and ask them to pray for you and to help you or disciple you.  If they are a true, experienced Christian, they will say yes.  If they say no, don’t worry, ask someone else.  It just means God doesn’t want you to learn from that particular person.  He will open the doors for you!

So…what would you do?

Our failures are only supposed to teach us what NOT to do in the future!

Let’s all agree to say a prayer for all those people we’ve disappointed and remember that our decisions do have eternal consequences~~~

For ourselves and for others!

Please like this post if you will agree to say a prayer right now…

We would also love to hear your comments on this particular thread!  It’s a serious one!



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  1. Annelie says
    15 February 12, 5:11pm

    Heavenly Father, Only You know how deeply this has hurt me because I failed You and I failed this young boy. I pray that You would forgive us all for the many times we have missed opportunities to glorify Your name, to be a witness to others, to help those that we knew were new to Christianity. We ask that You would open our eyes to the opportunities that come our way and that You would open our eyes to the eternal consequences of our actions, or lack of actions. We pray for all those that we’ve hurt as a result and we pray and stand together for their salvation, for their deliverance from whatever struggles they are having. We also ask that You would bring people into the path of these people to help them now for we pray and ask these things in Jesus’ name…amen

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