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Anna’s Heart on Bible Movies

Anna’s Heart on…
Bible Movies

anna_heartSometimes I really LOVE Bible movies and sometimes…not so much…and you can imagine the reason why.


So, just in case you didn’t know, the reason I love some Bible movies are because they stay accurate or close to accurate to the actual words in the Bible.  And sometimes they even capture things that you hadn’t thought about while reading the Bible that really causes a person to read the Bible or even be convicted about a certain sin because of its representation in the movie.  Those are my favorites!

Those are few and far between.  We highly enjoyed ‘Son of God‘ even though a lot of people didn’t, and although it wasn’t completely accurate, they did get a lot right, but it really moved us.  I was crying throughout a lot of the film and God used that film to speak to me about something that needed to change in my life.  So that’s a plus for me!


There have been a couple that just had such outright error in them that it was difficult to even watch the movies.  Examples were ‘Noah‘ and ‘Exodus‘.

Some people even complained about ‘A.D.‘ and ‘ The Bible: Miniseries‘.   Even though these were less accurate than the ‘Son of God’ movie, it was still a powerful series.  I remember reading one comment by a woman who said her husband had ZERO interest in the Bible and yet he caught parts of the series and he was intrigued and asked questions.

That is a GREAT thing…anything that will lead to a conversation about God is a good thing so let’s take advantage of it whenever we can.  It’s a good thing to be familiar with the truths of the Bible so when people ask questions we can have the answers or know exactly where to look for those answers from the Bible itself.


I’d like to share just a few of my Bible favorites:

The Ten Commandments Yes, even though it’s not accurate – Charlton Heston and  Yul Brynner are just fabulous in this.

Risen – This comes out next year and is quite powerful.  Joseph Fiennes really makes this film.

A.D. – The Resurrection scene is the most powerful one we’ve seen yet.

The Nativity – This one has a powerful nativity scene.  One of the best I’ve ever seen, I actually cried, it seemed so realistic.  It reminded me of The Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall I saw one year many years ago and their nativity scene also made me cry.

One Night with the King – My favorite one about Esther.  There was a Bible fact referred to in the beginning that I couldn’t get out of my mind until I got home and looked it up in the Bible.  I was pleasantly surprised that I found it to be true.  Loved that!  This one had some powerful moments too.

Superbook – Although Superbook is a children’s cartoon series it is the most powerful, true to Scripture series that has ever been made that we’ve seen.  If you’ve never seen it, watch it and get it for your kids.  They tackle so much about the Bible, Old and New Testament than most other movies and series do not.


I know I’ve forgotten some and I apologize for that.  We do have a Biblical Drama category in case you wanted to find some films to watch for the upcoming season.


If you would like to read more of ‘Anna’s Heart‘, check out our Anna’s Heart Blog Section.

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