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~ CFDb Interviews Carlos Espinosa

Here is the latest video-testimonial (9 min) of the graduates of the
summer intensive course 2011!

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= > What led to you opening Holy Wood Acting Studio?

My son Max was the personal manager of a converted to Christ actor and they both traveled to talk and evangelize. They saw that there is no studio in the world that can form future actors with the strength and morals to not only avoid the dangers of fame and money but to use them for the Glory of God which is the well-being of His Children. I was in Cancun were I’ve been working as a real estate developer and they asked me to join them to put together this studio where the center in Jesus.

= > Can you describe why Holy Wood Acting Studio is different from other acting studios?

Any other studio may teach the students how to be a good actor and many of them with the best classes you can possibly find just as we do, but in our case we are really concerned in the morals as the fountain of joy and enhancer of the talent and its beauty in the actor.

Also we build their self-esteem with Christian values and principles to excel in their ability and to become the great light for thousands or maybe millions who will be led by him.

= > How long has Holy Wood Acting Studio been opened for business?

The studio opened its doors on January 1st, 2011.

We have completed one summer course last June-September and we’ll be having a second one the first week of June, 2012.

= > Where is Holy Hood Acting Studio located?

In Culver City, California, where all the main film studios started a few decades ago. We’re 10 minutes away from Sony Pictures Main Studios.

= > Do you have strict requirements in order to be accepted at Holy Wood Acting Studio?

As of today we can only accept students of 18 years old or more and they have to be US Citizens.

By the end of the year we expect to have our doors opened to all International students and at the beginning of next year we will have classes for children as well.

= > Have there been any actors/actresses that have attended that we might have heard of?  What film(s) have they been in?

What film(s) have they been in? You probably have not heard of any yet. We had 13 students last summer and some of them are auditioning now for small, medium and large rolls in movies and some of them are part of plays, but you can check some of the testimonials of these same students on our web site by clicking on the YouTube sign on the home page of our web site

= > In case someone wants to ask further questions or to apply, what is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is through our contact page on the website: or email directly to

= > Do you have any recommendations for an actor/actress that desires to work in the Christian Film Industry?

Yes. I would say prayer is the answer, with prayer you get faith, courage, perseverance, humility and joy right from Christ Jesus. Once you are on His Joy that comes forth from being in His Majestic, all-mighty powerful Presence you’ll become His ligth in the media for the world… prepare, prepare because it is a battle and the battle starts with one self if you want to serve Jesus, many times painful but always, always, always is the most joyful adventure! “Act… and God will act!”



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