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~ CFDb Interviews Dana Chaffin

= > How did you get involved in publishing?

I have always enjoyed writing and the opportunity came for me to write about my first Christian movie “Fireproof”.  I fell in love with the Christian film industry and decided to concentrate my writing to help promote these films.  I found that many of these amazing films did not have large advertising budget and most were released only on DVD.  This was why I thought most of us had not heard about them, so I wanted to help spread the word.  I recently decided to start Certain Cinema magazine as a first of its kind specialty movie magazine to promote only family and faith based films.


= > What is Certain Cinema and what kind of articles are in it?

Certain Cinema magazine is published quarterly and provides readers with articles about family films, faith based movies, based on true stories and documentaries.  It is also packed with interviews with filmmakers and actors, special offers and discounts from production companies, and news about upcoming films to the theater and DVD releases.  There are also inspirational cartoons and other movie related articles.

= > How can someone subscribe?

You can order a single issue or a yearly (4) issues on the website or by mail.  The website has a printable subscription form or you can purchase online with your Paypal account.  You can contact me directly and I can email or snail mail one too!  Also be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter for all kinds of updates.  (We have a link on our website)

Press Release for movie producers or distributors

Certain Cinema general press release


= > What is on the website?

The website is a work in progress, we are making changes all the time.  We are trying to offer our readers a variety of movie information: trailers, interviews, news, theater/dvd releases, where to buy movies and anything to help make it a one stop shop so to speak.


= > Why did you start Certain Cinema?

I noticed there were a lot of magazines and reviewers covering the Hollywood big budget movies, but not so much about the faith based and family films from smaller production companies.  I wanted to help readers learn about these meaningful movies, but not the R rated and extreme violence movies, so I decided to take the next step and publish a print magazine.  This is not a movie review magazine, it is a movie promotion magazine.


= > How long have you been in business?

Certain Cinema was started in April of 2011 and the first issue-Winter issue- came out in November 2011.  I have been writing and publishing movie articles since 2008.  I publish these articles to various online and other print publications.


Certain Cinema magazine

25004 W. 49th st.

Sand Springs, Okla. 74063


Dana Chaffin, editor Certain Cinema magazine


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