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~ CFDb Interviews DJ Perry

On set of "Resurrection" with co-stars Rocky Fain and Jaime Preston

On set of “Resurrection” with co-stars Rocky Fain and Jaime Preston

Actor/Producer – DJ Perry

= > How/Why did you get involved in acting?

I always knew that I wanted to do something I was passionate about. It was those early fun films like “Star Wars,” “E.T.,” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” that caught my interest that people actually made a living pretending. I always had a powerful imagination and loved writing, coordinating and ultimately acting in these films. I never was in high school drama club or any of that and even though I had a little college training my career came from doing. We use to get a group of friends together and do this comedic short films instead of final exams or book reports. We had a good following in high school that would gather in the library at lunch hours to watch our stuff. That interest that people had in what we had to say or show is what inspired me to explore this career. Initially the acting was not the main thrust but I now enjoy it beyond words.

= > How/Why did you get involved in producing?

If a person was to wait around for someone to contact them out of the blue to act in something is just not reasonable. Even experienced actors have to network and seek out good projects. When the projects didn’t exist or I found folks working hard to launch a film I would help. I produce to act and it is something I’m good at. As a former martial arts instructor and soccer coach I found the organizing of people and fair management to be second nature. I continue to be asked to help produce and we also have a good group at that is producing pet projects from within. I encourage talent to at least try to produce something at least once. It will give an actor a new appreciation for the work behind the scenes.

Young DJ in one of his 1st acting roles:)

Young DJ in one of his 1st acting roles:)

= > How long have you been acting?

I’ve been acting since I was young but my 1st feature movie came sometime in the mid 90’s.

= > What is the most popular movie you acted in?

This is hard to say since “popular” is subjective. I had MANY fans of the Civil War film “Wicked Spring” which is a beautiful drama that makes one heck of a statement on war. “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” had very high sales with Lionsgate and that was after a successful year long theater run in Maggie Valley in conjunction with the Ghost Town in the Sky theme park where we filmed. The international thriller “Karma: Crime, Passion, Reincarnation” played across India in the theaters and is suppose to come to US TV in 2011. I would count these three films among some of the top fan favorites. I will say that “Book of Ruth, Journey of Faith” is becoming very popular. I’ve had many people contact me about that film. They either have watched on TBN/Inspirational Network or their church groups have watched the film. I will drop a teaser here that I’m working with Reel Frog Films to ready another biblical era film “Rahab” to shoot in 2011.

= > How long have you been producing?

I’ve been producing since my 1st feature film “In The Woods” in which I participated in all the investor/fund raising endeavors. That film was done in the early 90’s. Now PRODUCER is a title but I’ve always been producing. You either TALK or you WALK. You must be active and be a doer. I hope to produce a lifetime full of good stories that entertain and educate.

= > What films have you produced so far?

I’m gonna ask that your readers go to and search “DJ Perry” and you will see a list of films I’ve produced. It will be much easier to take a look versus a long list. I think I’ve done between 30 and 40 films to date. I work in all genres and I think that gives me freedom to tell many kinds of stories. For that I feel blessed.

'Book of Ruth" set pic with Sherry Morris (Ruth) & Eleese Lester (Naomi)

‘Book of Ruth” set pic with Sherry Morris (Ruth) & Eleese Lester (Naomi)

= > Do you have any films in the making now?

Right now we are on hold until spring on “Silver Lake” a good old creature feature.  I also return to Las Vegas in Jan. 2011 to complete filming on “Resurrection,” a film about a priest trying to hold onto his faith as he deals with the mafia and worse yet DEMONS.  Also we just completed a doc film “Outside the Wire, Forgotten Children of Afghanistan” and a thriller “Renovation” both ready to shop in Jan. 2011.

= > When do you expect them to be released?

All will be released in 2011.

= > Will they be in the theater?

“Resurrection” already has a theatrical set up. How wide we will see as we get farther down the track. We won’t know if we are looking at TV + DVD or the theater until we get into further negotiations. The more support the films have the better the chances. So SUPPORT:)

= > What is the name of your production co?

Our Michigan production company is Collective Development Inc. and we are a work-for-hire production entity for feature film and commercial projects. We also engage in associated productions and in-house production with our talented group of director, writer, producers.

On set of "Dean Teaster's Ghost Town" with co-star Renee O'Conner (best known from Xena Warrior Princess)

On set of “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” with co-star Renee O’Conner (best known from Xena Warrior Princess)

= > Do you have any advice for others who desire to get into the production field?

Have FAITH in yourself. Be willing to make SACRIFICE. Be a self starter and get the WORK done. It is SHOW + BUSINESS and one side is more fun BUT you must do both. I try to share what I’ve learned with artists in my blog “Clawing my Way to the Middle” at so subscribe if you want my various bits of insight.

I want to thank CFDB so much for this opportunity to share my story. I hope to create entertainment for all of you out there for many years to come.

Be good to one another!

DJ Perry

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  1. CFDb says
    14 February 11, 11:46am

    DJ Perry was our 1st interview, he was great to talk with! He sure has a lot on his plate!

    If you have any questions for him, you can post them here, or email him at (

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