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~ CFDb Interviews Michael S. Thomas

= > How old were you when you started acting?

I started acting when I was 4 years old.


= > What year did you begin acting?

I began acting in 2007 and I have been acting for 5 years.


= > How/Why did you get involved in acting?

Even before I became an actor, I had always loved being on the stage. Whenever there was a church event I would always want to be a part of it.

When I was 4, I was at the mall with my parents and I saw a stage and asked to go on it. It turned out that the stage was there for an agency that was scouting for talent. They asked me to do a short performance where I was later awarded a 1 year contract with their agency. After my contract was up, my mom became my manager. She continued finding me work which has kept me very busy.


= > What is the most popular movie you acted in?

The most poplular movie I am in is called REMNANTS. It was written by Paul Hillburger and directed by Tim Szczesniak. It is starring Robert Pralgo ,Vanelle and Jeff Briggs.  ‘Remnants’ is slated to be released later this year.


= > What is the most favorite movie you acted in?

My most favorite movie I acted in would be REMNANTS. I play the son of the 2 leads. In the movie my name is Dave Bernard and I play the role of a child with Autism. I was off and on set for an entire year to film ‘Remnants’. I had such a fun time with all the cast and crew during these times.


= > What else have you done besides acting?

Besides acting, I have done modeling, print work, commercial and TV. Currently, I am a series regular on a Kids TV Show called ‘Kid Time’ that films in Charlotte, NC.

I also have my own segment on the show. I am the Host for ‘Michael’s Counting Adventures’ where I learn to count to 10 in different languages with kids of different nationalities.


= > What is the name of the latest film you starred in?

The Latest film I acted in was called ‘The Hearing List’.  ‘The Hearing List’ was a short film for a film contest I was in directed by Richard Guinn. I played the role of David. In the film, I drive this old man, played by James Harvley, nuts with his hearing device! It is a really funny film and I had a great time playing this role.

My most recent project that I worked on was for the Inspiration Network. It is called ‘Heaven’. It is a series on “Inspiration Today” about the life of Trudy Harris. I play Trudy’s son on one of the episodes. I really liked being on this project and I would be honored to get to work on it again. The cast and crew were awesome to work with and the show was very special.


= > Something we find unique about your family is that we heard you were all in ‘Pendulum Swings’. Tell us how your parents were involved in the film? Can we look for them and easily spot them when we watch the film?

The feature Film ‘Pendulum Swings’ is directed by Bill Rahn and starring Adam Melton and Vanessa Ore. It has played in several theaters around NC. It should be coming out on video soon, although we aren’t sure when.

I play the role of the nephew to the lead Adam Melton. My name is Jerry in the film. I was very excited when the director asked me to do a scene that was very special to him. I really enjoyed working with the cast and crew on Pendulum Swings.

You can see my parents in the feature film ‘Pendulum Swings’. My mom and dad both became extras and can be seen in 3 different scenes. They were in 2 different restaurant scenes with me and also we were all guests in a wedding scene. My mom and dad sometimes get asked to be extras when I am on set. Just a few weeks ago when I was doing the TV show for the Inspiration Network, my dad was asked to be an extra for one of the scenes. So, while I was filming in one area, my dad booked a job in the next room. It is pretty cool when that happens. My parents have been extras in several other films I have been in over the years.


= > What do you love most about acting?

I love to be in front of the camera. It is my favorite thing to do. I like being able to play other roles. I also love being with the cast and crew on set. It is so much fun. I have made some really great friends since I started acting and I am always excited to make new ones. I hope some day that I can do a film where I get to share the love of Jesus.


= > How can people get in touch with you or learn more about you?

People can find me on The Internet Movie Database. My link is On my link you can see some of the projects I have worked on and you can watch some of the trailers too.

You can also find me on Facebook. My Acting Facebook page is:


= > Do you have any advice for children who desire to get into the acting field?

Acting is really hard work with long hours, so you should try it out first and see if you like it. Sometimes I am on set all day. But, If you really love something, you should do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams. I am! I have the most fun when I am on set and I love it!


Thank you for having me.

Michael S. Thomas


Latest update on Michael:

Michael will be in 2 upcoming productions 1 is a short film and one is a feature film!
He is playing Tim in the short film “Absolution”. He plays the son to one of the lead actors.
He will also be playing Billy in the Christian film “Redemption of the Commons”.

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