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~ CFDb Interviews Philly Plowden


= > What led you become involved in acting?

Acting really found me. My dream was to play basketball in the pros. I found my humor while hanging with friends. From there came trying to be funny on stage. Then auditioning for an acting project!


= > When did you first know that you should become a Comedian?

I always loved watching comedians like Pryor, Rickles, Johnny Carson, Cosby, Winters. But when I knew I wanted to be a comic was when I walked away from it, and it pulled me back because people/strangers kept telling me I was funny and missed my calling.


= > How long have you been a Comedian? How long have you been acting?

Since I was 15……Ouch!


= > Have you played in any films and/or commercials we may have heard of?

Yes and No……!


= > What is your dream for the future?

My dream/goal is to be a full-time cast member on a hit network TV series. To do many SAG national commercials, to do stand up around the world, and spots on different TV shows. Also to do Christian film projects from time to time. From there my intent is to do motivational/lectures around the country on how keeping the Faith was hard at times, yet it paid off because I’m here in front of you!


= > Can a church or group hire you as a comedian? If so, how would they contact you?

Yes…… Just call me or email me. 321-297-5820 email –


= > Where would people go to find out more about you, or see a sample of your work? Also, is your church show different from your night club show?

My church show and comedy club show are about the same when it comes to structure. But for the most part when in church I just use common sense.

Anyone can find clips of me on Youtube.  My website will be back up in July!


So there you have it folks!



Philly Plowden




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  1. Shellita Boxie says
    19 June 12, 7:20pm

    I love Philly

  2. Lydia Glover says
    22 June 12, 7:31am

    Philly is one of the best motivational speakers! He truly speaks from the heart while sharing his life experiences.

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