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~ CFDb Interviews Tony Longo

= > What led you to become an actor?

I have been a 6FT 6In (Now) 350LBS, Working Character Actor for the Past 30 Years (100 FILMS). Last year I was Struck by LIGHTNING In My Mouth while FILMING In Arizona. I Survived, but was left with a “Slight Lisp”. That is just a “Spec” of My Incredible Career and Journey.

I became an Actor simply Because I felt it Inside. I moved out to California from New Jersey 30 Years ago. Right from the start I Believed I was NEVER Alone. I did my Road Work with God as My Partner. I Got Up Every Week Day and Road a motorcycle (Eventually drove/when I could afford a car) to a list of Production offices I had made. I began Knocking on doors. I Immediately met my Agent of 30 years in an elevator. We have recently parted ways on good terms. It was “Simply” Time for Change. Presently I am Meeting with new Agencies the same “Old School Way”. I just signed with a Great Commercial Agency “BBR Talent”. I am taking my time meeting with Theatrical Agents. I want and Trust that God will Lead Me to the Next Agent I will ever be with. Hopefully for My Last 30 Years of My Career.


= > What was the first film or tv show that you acted in? What was the role you played?

I got the first Commercial audition I ever went on for Gatorade. Many Commercials followed. I had a good Healthy Look (6FT 6IN-250LBS at the time).

My first acting role was Playing “Artie the Security Guard” (Jolene’s boyfriend) on “Alice”. From “Alice” I got the role of “Rock” in “16 candles“. Also that summer did “Splash” and “Fletch”. My First Lead in a TV Series was Playing “Stump”(Character like Lenny in “Mice & Men”) on NBC in “Helltown”.

= > What was the most favorite role you ever played?

The favorite Role I ever Played is a tie between “Houseguest” & “Angels in the Outfield“. I think because both were on Location for a Long Time.

I used to Love going on Location, but now am Overjoyed when a Job is in LA. I am a single Dad with 2 Beautiful Daughters(19 & 7) I See Every Weekend. They are without question, “The Greatest Gifts God Has Ever given Me”.

= > What was the first Christian film you ever played in?

My First Christian film was “Road to Redemption“. I Loved This Movie. Deep inside I Hoped that More Christian Roles would come. Even though Christian roles did not, I have done a Lifetime of Family/Kids Films and TV Series. Just recently I was offered to do an Adult Language Stand Up Comedy at a Prominent Vegas Casino this Summer for a Great Deal of Money (I don’t even do Stand Up, except for the Charity Dinners I am asked to fill in when someone cancels./ I have to admit it comes natural to me and I have never left the audience without more than a few Belly Laughs). I chose to turn down the offer, strictly because of the Adult language that was required. (It is Las Vegas). I also Have another Great Family Spiritual Film out there called “Jakes Corner“.


= > What are your thoughts on your most recent role played on “Midnight Reckoning”?

Midnight Reckoning” is a Great (Even Mainstream) Sleeper Film. Not only do I get Recognized from this film, but Complimented. Derrick Warfel the Writer/Director was a Pleasure to work for. I simply tried My Best to Deliver His Message.

It is a Great Story that Should be seen in the midst of all the Super Blockbusters. God was definitely part of giving Derrick the Strength to Make and Complete this Film. Audiences have no idea The Hard Work that goes behind Making a Film from Script to Screen. There are many twists and turns that Lead to God’s Message in the end. I play a “Creepy Character”(Don’t want to give it away). I LOVE “Midnight Reckoning”.


= > Are you currently working on any upcoming films? If so, which one(s)?

I have 3 Independent Films coming out. Look for them on Cable…..I also just did a Mob Pilot with the Old Soprano Cast. Will find out this summer if it becomes a series.

After 30 Years I Still LOVE What I Do. I LOVE Waking Up In the Morning with Excitement about What God Will Lead Me To Today.


= > Have you started working on your own projects? If so, can you tell people how we can find out more about them?

I have A Site called . Its Very Funny among the Entertainment Industry(MILLION VIEWS), but some of the Material has Adult language. (Basically just Stand UP Rehearsals)

The site I Enjoy Most is WWW.ANGELSHERENOW.COM with My Simple Message from God – “God’s Clock Is In a Different Time Zone, But It Is ALWAYS On TIME”……


= > How can people find out more information about you and the movies and tv shows you’ve been in?

Below is a Link to My IMDb Page with all My CREDITS/PICS and My 55 SEC ACTING REEL.


= > Do you have any advice for anyone looking into becoming an actor/actress?

My Best Advice came from Frank Sinatra. I Co-Starred in His Last Film “Young at Heart”. Frank Sinatra told Me To “Show Up. And ALWAYS Be Prepared”. You Will Work for as Long As You Want To …My Advice for anyone who wants to become an Actor or Actress is to Always Try Your Best. Do This and You Will Never Fail. Make Your List. Put it on Your Front Door. So You Can See It Every Time You Leave Your Home. Now get To It. You Are NEVER Alone. God has Angels at Your Side. Say “Hello” It’s about Time. They have been waiting.

PS Also I still READ Aloud in the Mirror Everyday. READ Anything. This is a Secret Tool.

Always Remember and Share With Someone…..”God’s Clock Is In a Different Time Zone, But It IS ALWAYS ON TIME”…..


God Bless Our Children, Spread the Light,


“There’s Only ONE TONY LONGO”

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