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1 day until Pan Pacific Film Festival

This is ALL about our trip TO PPFF

So…this is ONE of those days…you know the ones I mean, right?!

We did get to the airport just fine, no issues there, we get to the plane, again…no issues.  Then it all begins.

#1 – We don’t get to sit together – that is always fun, especially when we have to pass papers back and forth across the row.

#2 – In the very beginning of the flight there was BAD turbulence.  I mean the kind where you feel the plane falling for quite aways and then bumpy like crazy.  I was praying and at that point wondering if I was ready to die and if I was, would I be the brave person to be able to calm the people around me.  I prayed for them too and then the turbulence ended…thankfully.  I remember hearing one woman sort of yell when the plane dropped.

#3 – I checked which our rental car co was ours and it was Alamo.  (Normally I check, double-check, triple-check and more but this time I thought I can remember Alamo…no pun intended!)

So…we get our bags (we have 3 heavy bags plus our laptops) – we head to the rental car transit (this is LAX) and Roger and I both say – there it is…AVIS.  Yup –  We get all the way to Avis on our lovely bus ride and get to the counter and I hand her my id and say, the reservation is under Rudlaff.  I see she’s having difficulty so I whip out my handy Priceline itinerary and as she is reading it I read through the paper and see ALAMO.  I start laughing and say, Oh this isn’t Alamo, we’re at the wrong place.  We leave and I’m giggling and Roger is confused as I am the triple checker.

#4 – We finally get our rental car…at Alamo…and we’re on the way to the hotel with the Garmin we brought from home.  We plug it in and head off.  We get about 10 miles out from the hotel and it says Low Battery – the cigarette lighter isn’t working so the Garmin works until about 5 miles away from the hotel.  On this one we were fortunate because we called Alamo and they told us where a 2nd lighter could be found.

All in all it really wasn’t a bad flight out, just a few memorable events which I truly believe make a trip great.  We just settled in to our hotel and we’re relaxing for just a little bit.

So here were are in our lovely hotel –

You can see Roger taking the picture in the mirror.    We’ll blog again soon.


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  1. Pat says
    20 October 12, 4:45am

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

  2. Annelie says
    21 October 12, 9:12am

    You’re welcome – there is more to come –

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