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AMTC Shine Event ~ Day 1 ~ Actors, Models & Talents for Christ

AMTC Shine Event ~ Day 1 ~ Actors, Models & Talents for Christ


AMTC Shine Event

Started in 1982, AMTC’s SHINE event is a biannual talent convention held in Orlando. 2013 marks AMTC’s 31st anniversary. SHINE is a ministry run by three generations of the same family, starting with super-model Millie Lewis and her daughter, Carey Lewis Arban.

SHINE is attended by actors, models, singers, dancers and comedians from all over the world. They are children, teens and adults who are called by God to become His role models and ambassadors in the mission field of entertainment.

SHINE is scouted by 50-100 top agents, managers, casting directors, and music professionals. They are kings of Hollywood and Christian casting directors. They seek top talent and they find it at SHINE.

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CFDb at Shine

Today was the first day at the Shine event for AMTC.  It was a fabulous first day, making lots of connections with actors and actresses desiring to play a part in Christian film.  We’ve shown off our Profile Pages and we are so thankful for this additional part of our ministry.  We plan on being here for 6 out of the 7 days of the event.

CFDb at Shine Event

CFDb Drawing

CFDb has gotten a lot of interest in our DVD drawing as well. Now I have to share about a little more about our experiences thus far.

This has been an interesting trip so far.  When we first got to Orlando (2 days before the event), our luggage was delayed for an hour and then 1 bag went missing.  The bag with all my clothes (Annelie), as well as our banners for the event.  We didn’t see that bag until the night before the event.  Testing times for sure.  Learning to trust God in every situation.  We’ve had a lot of tests this trip for sure.  The devil does not take a break, does he?!


Shine Seminar

Shine Seminar

The very first seminar I attended was presented by Adam She, the Director of Operations at AMTC and the title, “Your Purpose at Shine”.  It was fantastic.  Jesus is definitely the focus of this event and during the seminars as well.  They began and ended with prayer.


Adam talked about what talent really means and how our talents are meant to glorify God.  He also shared about what a calling is and talked about how the name AMTC was changed from the C meaning Competition to the C standing for Christ.  The name change was made in January of 2010.  It’s amazing how God worked that out so that the initials remained the same.

The question should be asked, who is your calling from?  God or the devil (or the world)?

There are a lot of core values for AMTC but a couple that were mentioned were:

  • The Bible is the infallible Word of God.
  • Honesty
  • Integrity

Purpose – the reason for which something is done or created or which something exists.

Our talent is a gift from God!

The best part of the talk was about our purpose:

“Our purpose emerges when we invest in others.”  How true!  If self is mixed in, then our purpose is not to glorify God and this leads to destruction.

Our purpose, as Christians, is the Great Commission.  That should permeate everything we do.

AMTC’s vision – to see the great commission of Jesus Christ fulfilled in film, fashion, music & theater.


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