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AMTC Shine Event ~ Day 5 ~ Actors, Models & Talents for Christ

AMTC Shine Event ~ Day 5 ~

Actors, Models & Talents for Christ

 Jenn & me

Jenn Gotzon and Annelie Rudlaff (CFDb)

We had the privilege of attending Jenn Gotzon‘s amazing talk about Marketing for the Actor using IMDb, CFDb, and Social Media.  There was so much information packed into this seminar that I couldn’t take notes fast enough.  Jenn is going to add all the notes to her FACEBOOK Notes Section on her FB Page.  Don’t forget to like her page while you are at it.  If you ever get the chance to talk to Jenn, don’t miss it!  She has been given a tremendous gift by God with Friendliness.  If you don’t think that’s a gift, just talk to her for a few minutes.  She treats everyone with honor and respect and gives you her undivided attention, something we could all learn from.

During this seminar a few tips really stood out to me that I’ll share here:

  • IMDb is the #1 priority to be able to be taken seriously as an actor/actress.  Have an IMDb page.  This is the #1 source that everyone in the film industry uses to determine if you are up to industry standard.
  • HUGE – DO NOT fill in your date of birth on IMDb.  This may cause you to lose jobs.  On CFDb profiles we use age groups so this isn’t an issue.
  • Use a Red Carpet Photo as the publicity still – BRAND yourself for that main photo on IMDb, CFDb, Social media.  Use only quality photos.
  • First 2 sentences on IMDb show up so craft them carefully.
  • Craft your photo captions as well and be mindful of the background of your photos.
  • Use your own camera!  If you allow someone else to take your photos, you may never see those photos again.  (Red Carpet photos especially)

These are just a few of the tips Jenn gave.  We encourage you to go to her notes page in a few days, she should have all the information up there.

We were sad to be leaving the event a day early so we missed Sunday although I will get a list of the winners at the AMTC Shine Event for the Summer of 2013.


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