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Black Forest CO Fire ~ CFDb Preparing Again for Evacuation

Black Forest CO Fire ~ CFDb Preparing Again for Evacuation

Black Forest Wildfire

Yesterday afternoon around 1pm Black Forest near Colorado Springs, CO had a wildfire break out.  It’s BAD.  This time last year we also had fires start (some due to an arsonist) and CFDb has to evacuate.

Black Forest fire

Here is one of the many homes that has been destroyed due to this fire.  They are saying at least 30-60 homes destroyed thus far.  There are at least 2 fires going – one in Canyon City as well and both fires are at ZERO containment.

BlackForestHC2_6038 HC2_6038

You may notice CFDb offline within the next few weeks more often, getting prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice.



Please pray for the people who have lost their homes, the firefighters, the police, all the people involved in helping those affected in the fires.  There is so much sorrow here, as well as all over the world, so many things going on right now with war and disasters in nature and financial as well.


Heavenly Father,

We all stand in agreement in prayer for Your will to be done in each of our lives.  We pray that You would prepare our hearts for Jesus’ soon return and open our eyes to the truths in Your Word.  We pray that You would surround the people who have lost loved ones or homes or jobs with Your love.  Wrap them up Lord and let them each experience Your comfort and strength.  Use us for Your glory Lord and help us to have the right words to speak to those that are suffering right now for we pray and ask these things in Jesus’ name…amen



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