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CFDb Announces New Advertising Options

CFDb Announces New Advertising Options

CFDb NewsCFDb News

CFDb is excited to announce some great new advertising options that are now available.  There will be more changes in our advertising options over the next few months.


modern-advertising-methodsWhat’s So Great About Modern Advertising

The new way to advertise is online…especially for your Christian films, books, and companies.  Why?  The amount of people purchasing online is staggering.  People complain that Christians are behind the times, but even Christians are buying online, and a lot of them with their mobile devices.  This is the best time to advertise online with CFDb, as our numbers are growing again as the summer is ended, and our prices are lower in comparison to other online advertisers.



 Working Together

As Christians, we are called to be in unity, to work together to reach the world for Jesus.  Our goal at CFDb is to help you reach more people for Him.  It’s not just those who don’t know Jesus that need Christian movies…it’s those professed Christians who need encouragement and hope and healing.

This is an opportunity to get the word out to more people about your Christian Films.  Check out our latest STATS.  We had 95,046 Visits last month.


125 x 125

125 x 125 Banner Ad

CFDb Now offers a 125 x 125 Ad spot on the Home Page (Above the Twitter Feed) for only $50.00 a monthContact CFDb.


science_fiction_18-hd-wallpaper-kostenlos-1920x1080Wallpaper 1400 x 800

Who doesn’t LOVE wallpaper?

We have an option for a Wallpaper ad which will show up on almost every page of the database and it includes a 728 x 90 banner at the top of the website, and people can click on a spot on your wallpaper and it will link to the page of your choosing.

On the homepage: $500 a week or $1800 for a month.

Other pages: $250 a week or $850 for a month.

Global – across all available pages: $1000 a week or $3500 for a month.

We also offer a CPM rate of $25.00 for wallpaper advertisements.

Please contact us for more details

There is ALSO a wallpaper option on your individual film page for only $50 for a lifetime.  That is something you DON’T want to miss!  It really spruces up your film page when there is a wallpaper background.  You can check out the CFDb wallpaper background here.


indexWe Love Advertising

CFDb LOVES spreading the word about Christian Films.  Most of our advertising we have been doing for free.  Why?  Because this is a ministry for us.  Roger & I consider this part of our calling from God.  That means it requires sacrifice.

We are working a 2nd job in order to support this ministry, but we realize that this ministry cannot continue forever without any help.  This is the way you can help CFDb continue to grow and help others.  Check out our CFDb Advertising Presentation here.




Let’s Work together to reach people for Christ and glorify God in Christian Film.  We need to learn to help each other out.  Jesus said in John 17:11And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to Thee.  Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are.

It’s important we remember that we are supposed to be one, working together to spread the Word of God, to spread that Jesus saved the world through His sacrifice.  The world needs to hear and those that know already, need to be encouraged and shown in our lives, Jesus, living through us.

Right now the world is seeing mostly the fulfillment of II Timothy 3:5 – Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof; from such turn away.

What does this have to do with advertising?  Everything!  We are all spectacles to the universe.  We advertise every day for Jesus or against Him.

CFDb is such a small part in reaching the world for Jesus and encouraging and strengthening other Christians.  We want to do our part.  Let’s work together to do just that!

How can we help each other?  Let’s talk some more about working together!  Email us.


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  1. Tanika Edmonds says
    14 September 13, 3:28pm

    I love this page! This is GREAT……powerful message and I agree. As Christians, we have a responsibility and we need to help each other.

    Talk to you both soon…

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