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CFDb Beginnings ~ Triumphs, Tragedies & Blessings…

If you want to read the shortened version about how CFDb Started!

Roger and I started “Wayhouse Christian Film Library” a couple of years after we were married, from our home in Buena Vista, CO.  It was a place where anyone in the public could come and rent out Christian movies for free.  It was pretty popular for our little town but soon we moved to a different state and we wondered if we could ever open it up again.  You see, Roger had developed quite the collection of Christian movies over the years.

A few years later we moved to Roanoke, VA and reopened the library, a very small beginning and not too much interest.  Finally, we made the decision to purchase a commercial/residential location so we could open a real business in our home, combined with a cat rescue which is what I loved mostly.  God opened the door for a perfect location for it and so the businesses began and they were quite successful.  At this same time, Roger began developing a list of Christian movies on a website.  This was for our local patrons only.  He wasn’t thinking worldwide yet.


Then God did an AMAZING thing for us.  He led a reporter from the ‘Roanoke Times’ to contact us and request an interview.  This was an exciting time for us.  We prayed and prayed because we know how reporters can turn things around to make you look bad.  It was obviously not the intention of this reporter.  This article about Faith based movies being on the rise…actually showed up on the FRONT PAGE of the ROANOKE TIMES.  We were praising God for His goodness.  That article came out on 3/29/2007.


Have you ever thought you were doing something so important (for God) and put so much time and effort into what you are doing, that God wouldn’t allow it to be destroyed or tampered with?  I remember specifically preparing for this amazing 10 day prayer event and not only was I in charge, I was the only one that knew what was going on, I was leading out for the entire event.  I actually said, “God won’t allow anything to interfere with this 10 day prayer event.”

The night before the prayer event began, I received a phone call from my sister Pat telling me mom had a stroke.  Mom lived in PA at the time.  Pat was in FL and all our family was spread out in different places.  My heart sank and I knew what was the right thing to do.  I called and told the Pastor I was sorry but the event had to go on without me and I would give him whatever information I had and I had to leave immediately to begin driving up to see my mom in the hospital.

While Roger and I were in PA we had very little discussion on what was going to take place.  It was established almost immediately that Jesus would go and take care of His mom if He was in our position and so that was what we were going to do.  Everything was going perfectly for us where we were at but family takes priority.  My sister Pat also decided to move to PA and help take care of mom.  I knew ZERO about taking care of someone but my sister Pat did.  I was just going for basic support and visitation.  Mom was going to live with Pat and my cousin Lori once they found a place to live.  This was a severe stroke and her left side was affected.  She could no longer walk or use her left arm although her speech was difficult to understand at first, most of the time you could understand her perfectly.


We went back to Roanoke, VA to downsize, place the house on the market, and adopt out a BUNCH of cats and fast.

FIRST MAJOR BLESSING!  I believe it was 2 weeks and the house was SOLD!  We had an adoption fair combined with a yard sale and adopted out all of the cats, except 1.  That was a lot of cats, but I can’t remember how many.  People came from all over to help out in our situation.  We were on our way to PA so quickly that we realized God’s hand was totally involved in this.

SECOND MAJOR BLESSING!  This is amazing – I still can’t believe it happened as I recall the day I heard what happened a couple of months after we moved out.  A former adopter e-mailed me and wanted to know if I had heard the news about our former home.  The home was being renovated for a Bird Store.  No one was there that day working, but a man had a medical event and drove straight through our old living room into the kitchen and then fell into the basement.  The man was not hurt, nor was anyone else hurt.  IF WE HADN’T MOVED, that would NOT have been the case with our dog, the cats and the two of us living there, plus our entire business was in that home on the 3rd floor.  We were told that the City condemned the house within 24 hours and 48 hours after the accident, the house was entirely demolished, ripped off its foundation.  We would have lost everything.

God has His reasons for everything.  I’m not saying God gave my mom a stroke to save our lives.  I wouldn’t dream of it.  My mom was a major smoker and she suffered the natural consequences from her smoking.  I believe God would have gotten us to move one way or another.

After we moved to PA so much happened, the last 8 months of her life she did end up living with us and I’m so thankful for that.  During all this time, leading up to her passing away on 5/18/2009, Roger was working diligently on developing an actual website,

The first website attempt was pretty pitiful and at least one person actually told us that.  We thought it looked good, but it wasn’t exactly user friendly.

All the original work on the database was solely Roger, with occasional web help from a relative.  Soon after he had put over 1400+ films on the database, he realized it wasn’t going to work and he chose a different design and found a Webmaster to help.  All these 1400+ films on the old database are still in the process of being added to the new one.  Sorry for the delay.  It is very time consuming.

About November of 2011, after trying different jobs, God convicted me (Annelie) to begin working on the database, helping my husband.  That is where I came on board.  I never had interest in this before, but once I believed God wanted me to, the desire came naturally and now I LOVE it!   I took over the official database side of it and formed an LLC so now we are, LLC.

The goal is to continue increasing our numbers and sell advertising as a way of making income to support us.  That way we can devote full time to the database.  This past month our numbers have increased greatly.  You’ll see the difference once we post the April 1st numbers.  We look forward to seeing how God will work things out.  We know this is a ministry that is well needed.  Christian films do make a difference in people’s lives.  I know there are many that have made a difference in mine.

I will list a few here…

     Ordinary guy Christian Movie DVD

All 4 VERY different films – all with a fabulous message!  All really made a difference in my Christian walk.

The Fallen Angel is only on VHS and is out of print – can’t find anyone selling it right now. There is a link to the book if you want to read about it by clicking on the picture.
Wow, what a film!

“Ordinary Guy”, which is not on the database but will be soon, is one of my all time favorite films.  It’s an old one, but it makes me laugh, cry, and seriously question my Christian walk with God.  If you haven’t seen this one, I highly recommend it, as I do all these films I mentioned.  There are so MANY great Christian films, it’s hard to pick out my absolute favorites but these come really close!

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