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CFDb Evacuates Due to Waldo Canyon Fire


On June 23, 2012 around 12:30pm a fire broke out in Waldo Canyon, close to Colorado Springs.  I was driving back home when I saw this huge plume of smoke to my left and I called Roger to find out what fire was that?  He had no idea about it and the news was just beginning to talk about it.  This fire looked SOOO unbelievably close to our house I started to panic just a little bit until our neighbors told us that it was pretty far away from us and Roger got out the map to show me just where it was.  The bottom line was and still is…if that fire crosses over Hwy 24 then there is a HUGE chance our whole community would be lost.



I believe it was Sunday June 24th that we got the reverse 911 call for PRE-EVACATION notice.  Roger’s mom came up to get away from the smoky Colorado Springs and 15 minutes later they closed down Hwy 24 from the Springs to Woodland Park, which is where we live.  CFDb is in our home!   Several of the people from our community left right away and we packed but then waited and waited and waited.  I’ve never be one to be glued to the TV but that’s basically how it was.  Since we run a business we packed what we could but had to leave most of the business things to last minute.


Tuesday June 26th, I believe is when the fire jumped over the canyon into Colorado Springs and we all watched in horrow as you could see homes burning to the ground.  Some folks had just recently been put on pre-evacuation notice and then a fire storm hit and it moved down the mountain quickly towards their homes.  How scary!

The next morning, I was working normally when I heard on the news mandatory evacuation for our area.  No 911 call either, not for another couple of hours.  In either case, we packed all our stuff up on a trailer (business related) and thanks to a great friend she took our kitties and off we went to Buena Vista, CO.  We are still in waiting mode – waiting for the evacuation notice to lift.

SAD NEWS – at least 1 fatality at this time and more than 300 homes in Co Springs have been destroyed.  How devastating!  I don’t know how people without God deal with tragedy, the real tragedy being loss of life.  Homes can be replaced, people can’t.  Our prayers go to all those that have lost loved ones and their homes.  We’ll keep you posted on FB and TW as to what is going on.

PLEASE know that we are basically shut down until everything settles down but we are trying to work some from the hotel we are in.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!

UPDATE – Sunday July 1st – Praise God we get to go home today – we are still under PRE-Evacuation orders though.  So our lives will be upside down for a little bit longer.  Now we are hearing about all the other places in the US that are suffering as well.  God have mercy on us!

We are back home and very thankful to have a home to go back to.  Throughout all this, we really are learning to prioritize and are now downsizing as we have much more than we really need.  The fire is 45% contained and it’s so dry here another one could start at any time.  We are learning to just be prepared and to be thankful for what we have, whether it be a lot or a little.

7/3 – we’re off of pre-evacuation notice and fire is 70% contained.  What has the time gone?  We are so far behind in our work on the database, we are sorry about that!  Working on catching up now!

7/18 – FINAL UPDATE – 347 homes were destroyed due to this fire – all in Colorado Springs.  We were very fortunate that the firefighters kept the fire to the one side of the highway, otherwise this update would be entirely different!  God sent us some good rain so the fires are all out!  We are very thankful!

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