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CFDb ~ First Red Carpet Event at Pan Pacific Film Festival

CFDb – First Red Carpet Event

Wow, what an event!  There are so many amazing people we’ve met and heard so many great stories and testimonies and God is AWESOME!  The panels have been fantastic and there are so many people that are on fire for God and excited about what God is doing right in Hollywood, changing lives and calling people here to do His work!


Using the Internet for the Future of the Church Panel

Here is one of the panels that was fantastic.  They have ALL been fantastic.

From left to right:
Michelle Diedrich – GMO – Global Media Outreach
Erica Galindo – Sonona Christian Home Magazine
Sean Dunn – President of Groundwire
Fernando Chavez – Founder of FaithLauncher
Scott Shuford – FrontGate Media
David Wood – Executive Producer – PPFF & “Resurrection” Project




This beautiful woman is from Gospel Rhythms and it was my first mess up on the Red Carpet.  After our interview she asked me to say, you’re watching Gospel Rhythms.  I didn’t hear her right because I didn’t know what company she was from and so I had to say, “WHAT?”  She laughed and said maybe she wasn’t clear and repeated it and then I repeated it but I was embarrassed because I wasn’t prepared for that.  So…that was funny but the rest of it was rather smooth and just enjoyable.

By the way, my dress is bluish black and you can’t tell from the picture.


CFDb Banner

I’m posting this today and tomorrow I’ll be able to post about my spot on the panel for the workshop.  We set up a
booth (right now actually).  We’ll post pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Pat says
    20 October 12, 4:26am

    This looks like so much fun! God bless you all!

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