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CFDb Interviews David Wood

CFDb Interviews David Wood ~ Pan Pacific Film Festival Executive Producer

= > Tell us about what your involvement is with the upcoming Pan Pacific Film Festival?

I am the Executive Producer of the film festival – overseeing all areas of the event.

= > When did PPFF begin and how long have you been involved with the Festival?

PPFF started 5 years ago i got involved myself three years ago and took on the E.P. position this year.

= > Can you give us some details about PPFF 2012?

This year we have an exciting initiative going on with movie screening at AMC theatres, workshops with well known media/industry leaders, actor/model search by AMTC, fashion shows, Red carpet & Parties each night and of course the Awards ceremony on Saturday honouring the best in all fields from , best film, Director, actor, etc.

This year’s Film Festival will take place from October 18th – 21st at the Westfield Mall in Santa Anita, CA. Here is the Event Schedule.

= > How will this year’s Film Festival be different from previous years?

This year we have partnered with Westfield Malls, so the whole event is takijng place on the grounds of the mall and surrounding stores, restaurants, which allows not only our guests but the general public coming to the mall to be exposed too the film festival, a very unique one of a kind experience.

= > What are the guidelines for submitting a film for PPFF?

All information on submitting a film, the categories , criteria and rules can be found on the web site at

= > What is the deadline for film submissions?

August 31, 2012

= > How would a filmmaker contact PPFF for more information?

Please contact via e-mail – or call (888)564-6890

= > Are you currently working on any other projects that you can tell us about?

Currently one of the other projects that i am working on that we will be show casing and talking about at the film festival is The Resurrection movie which many are saying could be Gods sequel to Mel Gibson’s hit The Passion of the Christ. More info on that at or


David Wood is the Executive Producer and Owner of Dread Warrior Productions, a media and funding company. He is also the co-founder of The Global Apostolic Council, a spiritual think tank group.

David has been in the Media, Technology and Fundraising business for 30 years doing numerous productions, casting, and promotions with companies such as MTV, HBO, NBC, CBS, Fox TV, and Universal Studios, to name but a few.

He now spends all of his time working on God’s business with such global thinking groups as the Global Apostolic Council, Global Day of Prayer, Groundwire, Mission America Coalition, Power to Change, Cities of the World, the International Prayer Council, the Institute for Global Affairs, K.E.Y.S., The Barnabas Group, Wedgewood Circle in addition to actively executive producing and developing media projects.

A few of the projects David is currently involved with is the movie, The Resurrection, a film many believe will be God’s sequel to Mel Gibson’s hit, The Passion of the Christ. David is also the Executive Producer of the International Pan Pacific Film Festival, which is a family faith film festival.

He is also currently working on a new family faith web media and community platform called, Good News Network. The big play for David is a $500 million dollar raise to build a movie studio facility in Hollywood for God in the family faith area so his team can control all aspects of production, distribution, finance, marketing, etc.


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