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CFDb Makes Changes & More Major Changes to come…

 Some of you may have noticed the changes made to CFDb lately!  These basic changes give the site a better, more modern look which extends throughout all of our pages!

We’ve been updating all of the pages, so take a look around and let us know what you think!

CFDb Website

We’ve also updated our Affordable Targeted Advertising Page, which includes FREE advertising options!

CFDb Distribution is now an option with us as well!

Christian Film Forums COMING SOON!

Keep an eye out for our Buddy Press Forum!  We are hoping to launch this Christian Forum shortly!

It will be called, “All Things Christian Film”

The main purpose for this forum is to have a general place for ALL Christians to come to discuss issues within the realm of their own field(s).

Whether you’re a director/producer/composer/actor/actress/Christian film lover/Christian company, etc.
you’ll be able to come here to connect.

The options are endless!

What should you look for in the future?

Even we aren’t quite sure because the ideas keep coming!

Keep checking back as there is even more on the horizon for

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    21 March 12, 2:28am


    Beloved in Lord Jesus Christ.
    I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christi have got hope that Lord is doing work through you especial in your area where you live. May God almighty bless you richly according to his wealth. Remember that you going to be rewarded by the Lord according to that you do in service of converting many Souls to Christ.
    Even I, I do the something, that’s to convert people Soul to make relationship and build it in the blood of Christ Jesus. Here where I am living I like to see my fellow who are in village and Towns gates deliverance from darkness of our enemy –Satan.
    I want to form you what I have in my heat about my ministry to the work of God. I am intending to have the ministry of spreading the gospel through FILM all over the villages and towns which will be possible for me to reach them.
    As I asked you before, that I need co-operation doing the work of God, especially for Songea area where I live and even in other different areas of Tanzania. Not by using your name but by doing the work of God together depending on how God will talk with you.
    I co-operate you in the following prayers that Jesus Christ by power of his spirit may talk with you for the success of these prayer.

    1. My aim is to send the Gospel to the different families in the great
    wide area, but so as to get many people I ask the following as the attractive method to them both in town and villages, these things are PROJECTOR OF FILM AND FILM which teach good life of the Family in Jesus and how ungodly family can be open and know Jesus our Lord as their Lord and there savior, as I have said that these thing in AFRICA ATRACTS many people and by so doing it will help me to meet and preach many people and come to the goal of building the church of Christ.
    2. Another request is to have the ministry of choir
    which will be singing?
    in all areas which we will be, sending the gospel, so I ask you to help me the following;
    KEEBORD ORGAN CASIO, YAMAHA OR ELKA NO 100-45, AMPLIFIRE, GITTAR, MICROPHONES, STAND LOUD SPEAKERS, and other instrument which you see that there suitable for choir musical system for the ministry. have a saved young man who is a full musician but our problem is only Instrument of Generating our Ministry. These things I have mansion above, will help us to make the quick gathering of people to preach them.
    2. .So as the ministry to reach the people of various areas especially in the area where the gospel has not yet gone. Also we need transport, I thing you will like me that transport is another of success to any program which need traveling of here and there. As I said at the beginning that my goal is to send the Gospel both in villages and in town when they don’t exactly what God needs to them. There for, also I ask the help of CAR and GENERATOR which will be used in the village for energy supply in FILM and CHOIR-Instrument, because all these Instruments are using electric energy.
    I have the great hope in my heart that Jesus Christ who called us to do his work in these last days left before the Judgments. He will do that which is exactly his willing by talking with you servant of God. In this thing which I have ask to you .I ask to Co-operate all people who have the BURDEN IN THE WORK OF GOD as Jesus had burden to the spirit which were Lasting. My great cry to God is to get the Instrument of the Ministry.

    Please I ask you to what God will lead you to, but in all things don’t forget to this Ministry. I eagerly await the answer of this letter from you. May the grace of God be with you .Give greeting to all beloved in Jesus Christ.
    God Bless you.
    Yours fellow in the Ministry of Christ.


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