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CFDb Needs Your Help with Christian Movie Ratings!

Did you know that CFDb has a rating system?

It’s located directly underneath the main poster picture on each film page.

How can you help CFDb and your Fellow Christian?

It’s impossible for us to watch every film that is listed on CFDb.  That is where we need your help!

#1 – Become a member or registered user on CFDb.  This allows you to leave comments and rate films.  The first comment needs to be approved but once the first is approved, any comment you leave will automatically appear on the film page.

#2 – Search for a film that you really loved or even one you really didn’t like at all.

#3 – Rate the film on our 5 star rating system – 5 being the best.

#4 – Then make a comment – you can write a review (long or short) or just make a comment about the film.

You have no idea how much this will help us and your fellow Christians when they are searching for a film.

It’s difficult to make a choice sometimes of what to watch, especially if you are searching for a film to show to your church or a youth group.

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